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17 August 2016

Why I chose Essex: Daniel Simpson

Photo of Daniel Simpton

Daniel Simpson

BSc Genetics graduate Daniel Simpson explains why he chose Essex. Daniel is now studying for a PhD.

What was your experience like in Clearing?

When I left college, I didn’t have the grades to get into my first or second choice of University. I got into the University of Essex through clearing. Initially I was extremely apprehensive, I knew nothing about the university and whether I would like it or not.

Why did you choose Essex?

Deciding to go to Essex was a leap of faith. It turned out to be a blessing for multiple reasons. Firstly, I was able to do a course in Genetics, which was not available in most universities. My passion in biology is genetics, so having an opportunity to do a course in exactly what I wanted to study was a tremendous relief. Secondly, the genetics department is excellent, as is the quality of teaching and lab classes. Over the years at Essex I felt the department improved with increased funding, which meant more lecturers were recruited and better faculties could be provided.

What are the best things for you about choosing Essex?

As a result I found myself thriving in my studies and my grades significantly improved. I had a lot of opportunities at Essex to better myself, such as Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) internships and the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad. This made me better suited for applying for PhD opportunities in my final year, which as a result, helped me get a PhD position in the University of Edinburgh.

I will be studying single cell heterogeneity in relation to cancer suppression and ageing, which fits my career goals and research interests perfectly. I entered university with low self-esteem and confidence in my abilities. I’ve now graduated feeling fulfilled, assertive, and prepared to take on a PhD project, thanks to my time at the University of Essex.

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