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17 August 2016

Why I chose Essex: Josh Gulrajani

Photo of Josh Gulrajani

Josh Gulrajani

VP Education Josh Gulrajani explains how he came to study at Essex via Clearing.

What was your experience like in Clearing?

My experience in Clearing was hectic. My school had set up an IT lab for those of us in clearing to call universities and look up places. The room was a crazy mess of students and parents and happy and sad faces as people got places.

Why did you choose Essex?

I chose Essex because I was adamant that I wanted to study law, and so when going through the clearing universities that had places for law, I rung the universities that I had heard good things about in the past, that weren’t too far from my home town of London.

What are the best things for you about choosing Essex?

I have not looked back since choosing Essex. When I moved in, I had never visited the University before and so it really was being dropped off in the unknown. However, over the last three years, I have had the best time and now I wouldn’t change what happened for anything!

What would your advice be to someone in Clearing this year?

Don’t stress, don’t panic, there is a place for you at University. And Que Sera Sera; you may end up at a University that you never initially considered, but trust me that it will work out amazingly for you if you give it a try!

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