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17 August 2016

Why I chose Essex: Paige Spencer

paige spencer

Paige Spencer travelling through Florida

American Studies student Paige Spencer talks about her decision to come to Essex through Clearing.

What was your experience in Clearing?

Being an individual whose sole determination at the end of A Levels was to attend a Russell Group university, I found clearing the most daunting experience. It felt like a personal attack on all the hard work I had put into the previous two years. However, instead of dwelling on this, I knew I still wished to pursue further education, and so I explored my options.

Why did you choose to come to Essex?

A personal recommendation. I spoke to a family friend who had attended the university and had nothing but positive and encouraging things to say about their time at Essex. As a result I called, and that was the best decision I could have made. The amount of support and opportunity that Essex offers has actually put the university I was intending to attend to shame. One thing that really makes Essex unique is that they cater to the individual. Essex focuses on enhancing you as a learner and preparing you for after your undergraduate studies. Help is always an email away.

What have your highlights been so far at Essex?

Essex has given me so much opportunity, just within my first year. At the beginning of the year I became a course representative. I highly encourage prospective students to pursue this role. The amount of transferable skills I have gained is something future employers will identify. This role really engaged with me. As a result, I applied to become the undergraduate representative for humanities on the education faculty committee. I got the role! What an experience. The meetings sparked active conversations with the heads of each humanities department. Being listened to by numerous professors demonstrated to me once again that Essex will not leave their students to become existential beings. Instead, Essex will offer them a strong support mechanism throughout their studies. I look forward to being a peer mentor in my second year and taking my studies abroad to the United States.

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