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08 July 2016

Graduating 2016: Perry Blanchette

Perry Blanchette has advised all students to get plenty of work experience to help secure their dream jobs.

Perry Blanchette

Perry Blanchette, picture courtesy of Susan Watts

Perry, now Head of Academy Sports Science at Colchester United Football Club believes his Frontrunner placement in the Human Performance Unit helped him in the jobs market: “I worked with a range of elite athletes, that gave me an insight into working with athletes on a daily basis. It also gave me time on task, where I could apply my academic knowledge into an onfield setting.”

Since completing his Masters by dissertation, Perry has been working with the under 9s and under 21s at Colchester United where he said the best part of his job is “working on a day-to-day basis with elite professionals. The environment is challenging, but very enjoyable.”

He hopes to continue developing his skills and to one day work with a first team in the Premier League.

The doors to Graduation 2016 open on 12 July. 4,691 students will graduate, bringing the number of Essex graduates, since 1964, to more than 93,000.

Each and every one of our 2016 graduates has had a life-changing experience. They have risen to the challenge of developing a research mindset, they have been involved in clubs, societies and volunteering, and they have grasped opportunities.

We can’t tell all their stories but our Graduating 2016 student profiles shine a light on the individual experiences that make the Essex family inclusive, international and inspiring.

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