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25 April 2016

Sonographers benefiting from partnership between Essex and TICCS Ultrasound Services

Sue Innes

Sue Innes

The School of Health and Human Sciences is working with a leading independent accredited provider of ultrasound services to the NHS to deliver a practical and academic course to experienced sonographers based throughout England and South Wales.

TICCS Ultrasound Services (formerly Diagnostic World) is this year celebrating its 10th Anniversary as a community ultrasound provider and is 16 months into a partnership with The Integrated Care Clinics. It now has over 70 sonographers operating from 100 clinics across England serving a growing population of 10 million patients.

TICCS Ultrasound Services Managing Director Jon Leonard is delighted to be launching the company’s first Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging focused postgraduate certificate (PG Cert) course through a new linkup with the University of Essex. The new course meets a recognised need and shows the importance of independent service providers in the NHS.

He said: “We are providing advanced training for our sonographers to address the shortage of training across the NHS which is especially true in the area of musculoskeletal ultrasound.

“We are demonstrating our commitment to the NHS through our investment in the future clinical development of the staff who provide services to patients in the public sector. We are committed as a company to continuous service improvement and never compromise the quality of services we provide.”

Sue Innes, Postgraduate Musculoskeletal Pathway Lead at the University of Essex, said: “A team of tutors from the University of Essex is looking forward to meeting a cohort of students from the Integrated Care Clinics; these students are registered on a Postgraduate Certificate focusing on musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging that will be starting in May.

“TICCS has approached the University to ensure these sonographers access high quality education that incorporates theoretical and clinical elements that are supported by a large number of quality assurance strategies. Well documented workforce shortages in sonographers who are able to complete musculoskeletal investigations is currently impacting patient services and waiting lists through our the country. It is pleasing to know that this group of clinicians will soon be starting their training and that musculoskeletal imaging services will expand.”

Applications for the course were open to experienced sonographers already working with TICCS Ultrasound Services who wished to expand their skills and knowledge base with a PG Cert or a sonographer looking to come on board and develop their skills.

The participants are due to complete the course in March 2017. If the course is successful further courses will be offered soon.

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