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During your studies

University Regulations

If you require immigration permission to remain and study in the UK with us, you must ensure you maintain it, if you don’t you may not be able to finish your course as planned.

If you register for your course with immigration permission that will expire before your course finishes, you do so at your own risk and will have to provide evidence to us by the date it expires showing that you have valid leave to continue your course.

You must abide by all University Regulations, the General regulations include Immigration Status Requirements for those students subject to immigration control.

Tier 4 students

By using your Essex CAS to obtain your Tier 4 visa you have responsibilities to us as your Tier 4 Sponsor and to the Home Office.

Make sure you know exactly what the conditions of your visa are and that you don’t breach those conditions. As well as your visa conditions you are also required to help us with our duties as your Tier 4 sponsor in order to maintain our Tier 4 Sponsor license.

If you want to change your course or your exam board decision(s)mean that you have to resit exam(s), re-take module(s) or coursework, your Tier 4 immigration status may be affected and you may have to leave the UK.

Find out more

Read the relevant information on these pages and; UKCISA’s guidance on ‘Protecting your Tier 4 status for information about your conditions, the immigration rules and reporting changes in your circumstances to the Home Office.