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Your family

If you have or are applying for a Tier 4 (General) visa, your spouse/partner/children may be able to apply as your Tier 4 dependant.

It is possible to apply to bring your dependants with you to the UK if you are:

  • government sponsored and on a full time course that is longer than six months
  • studying a full time postgraduate course of 12 months or more, if you make your visa application before 6 July 2018
  • studying a full time postgraduate course of 9 months or more, if you make your visa application on or after 6 July 2018

Please be aware that our masters courses that are one academic year long are under 12 calendar months so only government sponsored students would qualify when making an application before 6 July 2018.

If your family have already been with you in the UK as your dependants (Tier 4 or pre-Tier 4 student) and you have been studying a course of more than six months, they may be eligible to apply.

Babies born in the UK

Birth in the UK does not automatically make a baby a British citizen. To be born a British citizen one or both parents need to be British citizens or have settled status in the UK.

Applying for a visa for your baby

It is lawful for your baby to remain with you in the UK without making an immigration application. If you travel outside the UK your baby will need immigration permission to re-enter the UK. Where and how you can make the application will depend on your circumstances. You must be able to show that you are able to meet all the Home Office's rules and requirements.

Access to NHS healthcare

The National Health Service Charges to Overseas Visitors Regulations for England have been amended, effective from the 6 April 2015. The spouse or civil partner and children of Tier 4 (General) students who have a valid dependant visa are usually entitled to free NHS care.

Babies born in the UK are not automatically entitled to free NHS care. To ensure they have access to free NHS care we recommend making an immigration application for them, if they are eligible, as soon as they are born. You should ensure you have adequate private health insurance for yourselves and your dependants, including repatriation cover to your home country.

Further guidance

If after reading this information you need further immigration advice, please contact our International Services team by completing the online enquiry form.