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Front cover of the journal, The Holocaust in History and Memory Volume 6, 2013, The Arts and the Holocaust

Volume 6, (2013)
The Arts and the Holocaust
Edited by Rainer Schulze
ISBN 978-1-909562-06-6

Volume 6 (2013) The Arts and the Holocaust

Edited by Rainer Schulze

ISBN 978-1-909562-06-6

Price: £10.00 (with CD); £9.00 (without CD)

This issue comes with 2 supplements:

  • Full text of the play The Earthquake in Chile or The Prisoners of Stutthof by Felix Meyer-Christian, freely adapted from Heinrich von Kleist;
  • CD Songs For the Betrayed World. Holocaust Survivors' Poetry set to Music by The Life and Death Orchestra.

The text of the play is automatically included with the journal; for the CD we are asking for an extra £2 which will go to support the annual Dora Love Prize.

Praise for this volume

"I was most impressed by the quality of the publication, the placement of my piece, the diversity of the other contributions and the uniqueness of each contributor. I trust that you and your colleagues will receive the recognition you so rightly deserve for this current edition as will as your ongoing efforts."

Marty J Kalb, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts, Ohio Wesleyan University

Launch event

Volume 6 (2013) the Arts and the Holocaust was launched at a special event at the Latest Music Bar in Brighton on the 22 June 2014.

More press



Bill Smith (The Life and Death Orchestra, Brighton)

How to Portray the Holocaust in the Arts

Marty J Kalb (Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware)

Art is Essential in the Memorialisation of the Holocaust

Robert Priseman (Wivenhoe, Essex)

Painting the Holocaust: Can there be Art after Auschwitz?

Fabian Freyenhagen (University of Essex)

Is Making Movies after Auschwitz ‘Barbaric’? Lanzmann’s Shoah as an Adornian Film

Kendall Merriam (Rockland, Maine)

At Rubinstein’s

Alissa Timoshkina (King’s College London)

Constructing (Alternative) Memories of the Holocaust: Footage of the Liberation of the Camps in Soviet Cinema

Antony Penrose (Lee Miller Archives, Chiddingly, East Sussex)

Lee Miller’s Indelible Images

Michaela Victoria Hoepffner (Hamburg)

Bergen-Belsen, April 1993

Danny M. Cohen (Northwestern University, Illinois)

Masks of Holocaust Memory

Phyllis Lassner (Northwestern University, Illinois)

Dark Spaces of Holocaust Memory: Second Generation German Narrative of Desire and Absence

Julia Blandfort (University of Regensburg)

Remnants of Auschwitz: Romani Narratives and the Aesthetics of the Holocaust

Angela Breidbach (Hochschule fur bildende Künste Hamburg)

‘House of Memory’: A Place of Shadows and Integration

Kendall Merriam (Rockland, Maine)

The Polish Jews

Laura Pomerantz (Mexico City and Los Angeles)

Shimon Attie: Projecting Past into Present

Kendall Merriam (Rockland, Maine)

The Holocaust for Roma and Sinti

Alon Lazar (Tel Aviv) and Tal Litvak Hirsch (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

Schindler’s List and The Pianist: Two Holocaust Films in the Assessment of Online Film Reviewers

A Choreographic Archaeology of our Present Time: A Conversation with Felix Meyer-Christian, Founder and Artistic Director of costa compagnie, Hamburg

Calendar Note

8-14 September 1936: Reichsparteitag der Ehre: Teaching Anti-Semitism Through Children’s Picture Books

Rainer Schulze (University of Essex)

Notice Board

Memorial to Nazi ‘Euthanasia’ Victims in Berlin / Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime

Rainer Schulze (University of Essex)

Notes on Contributors

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