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Frontrunners is our unique placement scheme for students. We'll give you challenging employment opportunities and help you develop the skills you need to compete for the best jobs. Not only that, but we'll give you on-the-job training and pay you, too.

All placements are on based on campus within departments, sections and administrative areas. Each placement has a supervisor who'll support and guide you along the way.

So, if you’re a student with limited or no previous work experience this scheme is for you. If you have a little more work experience, or have been a Frontrunner before, we also have Frontrunner Plus – an opportunity for you to advance and refine your current skill set.

We’ll provide you with training at the start of your frontrunners journey, opportunities for development throughout, and reflective workshops when you’re close to finishing. We’ll also work with you to update your CV and book a 1:1 Careers Guidance appointment to see where you can go next.

Why Frontrunners

  • Provides opportunities to all students- whether zero work experience, or some already on their CV
  • Supported environment
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Enhances your student experience

Applications for staff

We will be opening staff applications twice in the academic year for various starting points. If you’re interested in becoming a Frontrunner Supervisor, contact the Team for further guidance.

Student success stories

Frontrunners has led students to Frontrunner Plus and other internal opportunities; and also great specialist areas after graduating. Our success stories highlight the benefits of Frontrunners.

Employability advice

Our Careers Centre

Our Careers Services team helps you develop the skills for a successful career. Our friendly staff and excellent resources help you to make informed career choices and to enter your chosen field.