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Requesting a status check

Information about the update service and the status check process

The Disclosure and Barring Service offers an update service, enabling organisations to run a check on the DBS Certificate you currently hold, to confirm that the information contained on it is still accurate and up to date.

If you have joined the update service, a member of the DBS Team may be able to run a status check on your behalf to determine if you can use your current certificate instead of a new DBS check. We currently only carry out status checks for students on health courses, but if you are studying a non-health related course please contact the DBS Team ( to see if we can carry out a status check for you.

Please note you can only use your existing certificate if it was issued on or after 17 June 2013 and matches the DBS check needed for your current placement or related activity, for example it is for the same workforce where the same type and level of criminal record check is required.

How to request a status check

Step 1 – Complete an online consent form

You will need to consent to the University carrying out a status check for you and provide us with the following information using our online form:

  • your full name;
  • your date of birth;
  • your email address;
  • the course you are studying;
  • the reference number on your certificate number;
  • the date your current certificate was issued ; and
  • confirm the type and level of certificate you have joined the update service with.

Step 2 – Provide us with a your current DBS Certificate

We will need to see your original DBS Certificate in order to determine that it matches the type and level of check required for your course, and will use the details outlined on your certificate to carry out the status check. A photocopy or scanned copy of your certificate cannot be accepted.

You can either bring your original certificate in to the Student Services Hub for verification or you can post it to the DBS Team. If you choose to post your certificate you are advised to use a secure postal service. Please make sure that you have provided a return address; once we have checked your certificate, we will return it to you via Royal Mail Signed For Delivery.

Next steps

Once we have received your consent form and DBS Certificate, the DBS Team will verify the information provided before carrying out a status check for you, in accordance with the University’s Student Membership and DBS Checks Policy and Procedure. (.pdf)

You will receive an email confirming whether or not the University can accept your existing certificate in lieu of a new DBS check.

  • If your certificate does not match the type and level of check needed for your course, or contains new information, you will be required to undertake a new DBS Check with the University.
  • If your DBS Certificate contains criminal information it will be considered in accordance with the University’s Student Membership and DBS Checks Policy and Procedure. (.pdf)

Contact us

If you have any queries about the status check process, please contact the DBS Team.