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Undergraduate scholarships and funding

Scholarships and bursaries

We offer a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to make funding your studies easier. Our main awards are listed below and you can search our Scholarship Finder to see what else you might be eligible for.

Scholarship or bursary name Who it's for
International Baccalaureate Excellence Scholarship Students with excellent International Baccalaureate results
Sports scholarships and bursaries Students with outstanding sporting ability
University of Essex Bursary UK students from low income households
Essex Global Partner Scholarship International students studying at one of our global channel partners
International Experience Bursary UK students from low income households
VI6 Bursary Students taking part in the VI6 scheme at one of our partner schools
Colchester Sixth Form College Bursary Students from Colchester Sixth Form College studying specific subjects
Africa Scholarship Programme Students from African nations
Bulgarian Partnership Bursary Bulgarian resident students
Romanian Partnership Bursary Romanian resident students
Americas Regional Scholarship For undergraduates from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru in their first year of study
Indian sub-continent Regional Scholarship For undergraduates from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan in their first year of study
Norway Regional Scholarship For undergraduates from Norway in their first year of study
Tinson Scholarship Students from the former Soviet Bloc in our School of Law
Care Leaver's Bursary Students with UK care leaver status
Refugee Bursary Students with UK refugee status, or who are dependants of UK refugees
Mauritius Regional Scholarship For undergraduate students from Mauritius

Scholarships from other organisations

Scholarship or bursary name Who it's for
WU Scholars (external site) Students holding an offer of an undergraduate place within science, technology, engineering, mathematics and business/entrepreneurship

Other sources of funding

  • UK and EU students - students loans and benefits

    If you're a UK or EU student then you can get a tuition fee loan, so you don't have to pay your fees up front. You may also be eligible for maintenance loans and benefits.

  • International student funding sources

    There are country-specific funding opportunities, please see our country pages for more information.

    If you're a US student you could be eligible to take out a US direct loan.

  • Charitable trusts and grants

    Information about charities and trusts that offer awards and sponsorship to students and their application procedures can be found in the Educational Grants Directory and The Grants Register. Copies of these are available in our Albert Sloman Library, as well as in most public libraries.

    You can also try a grants search at Turn2us. Use the keyword "higher education" and then narrow your search by filling in other information about yourself.

    Many charities and trusts are only able to award a small number of grants each year, so competition can be fierce. To be in with the best chance of receiving an award it is a good idea to:

    • research charities and trusts carefully as they may have eligibility requirements (eg based on your area of residence, family background and subject area)
    • apply as soon as possible (many give deadlines for applications)

  • East 15 Acting School - charitable trusts and grants

    Funding for Acting and Drama courses can be limited and competition for grants is fierce, but it’s worth looking at the sources of funding above as well as these, which are aimed specifically at students in your field:

    For ideas of how to secure additional funding take a look at Damian Gaskin’s booklet ‘How to Raise £40,000 and train at Drama School’ (.pdf). (The author has asked you to bear in mind that this was written in 1996, well before all the fundraising advances that the internet and social media have given you and so needs to be read in that context. Please do not contact the author himself for sponsorship!)

    You can also take a look at Degrees For Free which has some useful and interesting ideas for fundraising and money-saving. (There is a book of the same name, but don’t feel compelled to buy it, the website is useful in its own right!)

  • Students with children, carers and care leavers

    We provide information for parents, carers and care leavers, including additional sources of funding that you may be eligible for.

  • Hardship loans

    We and the Students' Union both offer hardship loans if you are experiencing financial difficulty.