Photo: Prof. Brian Ridley

Professor Brian Ridley (

Research Interests

Semiconductors: theoretical studies

Current Projects

Theoretical Research Projects

The general research area is semiconductor physics and semiconductor device modelling.

  1. Hot Electron transport in GaN-based FETs: what transport processes affect the performance of a FET?

  2. The Effect of Electron-Electron Scattering on Transport: GaN based devices typically have a very large electron concentrations. How does the rapid interaction between electrons affect devices performance?

  3. Dynamic Screening and Coupled Mode Effects: static fields are efficiently screened by mobile carriers, but non-static fields such as the polar field produced by an optical phonon fluctuate rapidly. How do the mobile carriers respond?

  4. Phonons in 2D structures: the spectrum of phonons in layered structures is different from that in bulk material. How does that affect scattering rates and phonon lifetime?

  5. Capture into Wells: the rate at which electrons and holes get captured by the wells in a quantum well laser or amplifier contribute to the speed of the device. What determines the rate and how can speed be optimised?

Last updated 25th February 2009