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Tests and assessments

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Practice psychometric and personality tests

Psychometric tests look at skills like logic, numeracy, technical ability, literacy, verbal reasoning, inductive or deductive reasoning, spatial or diagrammatic reasoning, situational judgement, motivation and personality. Some employers provide practice tests, but many don't.

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Assessment centres

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Larger organisations often consider a number of candidates together using a range of tasks, such as psychometric tests, group challenges, role play, presentations, in-tray/e-tray exercises and interviews.

Assessment centres are carefully designed to see which candidates fit the role and the organisation, so they may be considering your personality, your approach to solving problems and dealing with situations, leadership potential and overall ability to work in a team, and your commercial awareness, as well as further testing your skills and abilities.

  • Top tips to prepare

    • Refer back to the person specification for the role to review what the employer is looking for
    • Review your application and/or CV
    • Practice psychometric tests through our website
    • Research the employer, so you know all about them and what they do
    • Research their sector for broader understanding of their industry
    • Book an appointment with one of our careers advisers for help!
  • At the assessment centre

    Social events

    Sometimes there will be a social gathering the night before, where you meet the other candidates and employees from the organisation. You're unlikely to be formally assessed during the evening, but first impressions count. Think about how you interact with others and how you behave - and don't drink too much!


    Prepare as you would for an interview: dress and behave professionally, be punctual and bear in mind that everyone you meet on the day may be asked what they thought of you.

    Other candidates

    Don't treat the other candidates as competition. The assessors may be impressed by all of you or none of you on the day. Getting on well with others and demonstrating the ability to work in a team will make the best impression.

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