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University of Essex Student Payment System

Payment using the University's online facility is the University's preferred payment method. Your information is held in an encrypted form in a safe and secure environment.

The University accepts payments using Visa, Mastercard and Amercian Express.

To make a payment you will need:

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Unspecified payments for students and third parties wishing to make a payment without seeing details of the unpaid items. Use this option if you are a new student starting a new course.

Specified payments for students who wish to view all of their outstanding invoices, and select which invoice they wish to pay. You will be required to enter your University user name and password. If using Windows XP, you may need to put "campus\" before your username. If access is denied because your username or password has lapsed, please use the Unspecified Payments option.

VERY IMPORTANT: To protect your security, please ensure you close your browser after completing the payment process.