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Useful forms and privacy information during your placement

There are important things you need to do during and at the end of your placement.

Complete weekly timesheets via the HR portal. This is crucial to ensure the right payments are made, and to ensure we can manage your hours appropriately.

Before you finish your placement, you will produce a presentation detailing the research you've been involved in and skills you've gained. It forms the final part of the compulsory element of your placement, and forms part of your professional development.

Example and guidelines

Below is an example of a UROP presentation. Throughout the year there will be professional development sessions, and the presentation will be addressed in these sessions. Please also use the guidelines sheet for tips whilst compiling your presentation, and how to deliver it.

  • Presentation example *attachment*
  • Guidelines (top tips) sheet *attachment*

How to submit your presentation

Your presentation will need to be presented to your supervisor, and any other members of staff you have been working on the research with. If you have only been working with the supervisor, a member of the UROP team will attend.

A feedback sheet and e-copy will need to be submitted by your supervisor to Once received and signed off, the 2.75 hours can be added to your timesheet.

The deadline for submitting your presentation depends on your current year of study (but if you've completed your allocated placement hours, you should try and complete it as soon as you can):

  • if you're in your final year, you must submit your presentation by 23rd April 2018 (last working day)
  • if you're in any other year of study, you must submit your presentation by 31st August (even if your placement is still ongoing)

Once UROP have received your presentation and feedback sheet, they will send you a confirmation email allowing you to add the 2.75 hours to your timesheet.

Once your UROP placement is complete, including the presentation, you'll receive a student feedback form. If you're completing the Big Essex Award, your UROP placement can count as 50 units - provided you've completed at least 100 hours on the placement.

Privacy Information

Please note: All data will be kept securely on University Networks. The data we process includes; student applications and student placement documentation.

All student applications will be kept securely on the UROP administration site; and information will include student details, application answers, outcomes, application feedback and time spent completing application. We keep this information for the duration of the UROP year in order to track application progress and feedback. This information will be held from the time of submission, until 30 September which is the end of the UROP year.

Successful student information including Appointment form and right to work documentation, as well as the Payroll form, will all be forwarded to At this point, all information is archived on the administrations site, and only accessible by approved UROP personnel. We will only access archived information for referral requests, and approvals for the Big Essex Award. All contractual information e.g. starter form and right to work documentation, will be destroyed at the end of the UROP year on 30th September. We will only contact you in relation to UROP, your application and if successful, your placement. For further information on our wider policy for Employability and Careers, please see our Privacy Notice.