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The Torture Reporting Handbook

How to document and respond to allegations of torture within the international system for the protection of human rights

By Camille Giffard

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The Web version of the Torture Reporting Handbook

The English language edition of the Handbook has been converted into an online edition, available at:

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Download the English language version of the Torture Reporting Handbook

The English language version of the Handbook is available to download from this site in the following formats:

  • Word 6 (3900 kilobytes).
  • Word 6 compressed as a .ZIP file (660 kilobytes).
  • Rich text format (RTF) plus images, all compressed as a .ZIP file (450 kilobytes); this option consists of the book in RTF plus two images from the appendices in .GIF format, for faster download.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF, 790 kilobytes).

Please note that the page-numbering in these electronic versions may differ slightly from the printed version of the Handbook. To download one of the above files, you can either click on the link and follow the prompts, or right-click on the link and choose Save As (Mac users should click while holding down the Command key).

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Copyright notice

Copyright remains with the Human Rights Centre and Camille Giffard. As we wish to encourage the widespread use of the Handbook, users are permitted to copy and distribute the material without having to seek formal permission or to pay a fee. We do, however, ask that users ensure that:

  • The material is reproduced accurately and not in a misleading context.
  • That the material is correctly acknowledged (ie: the author's name and that of the Human Rights Centre shall appear on the work or the excerpt).
  • No charge shall be made for the copy containing the work or the excerpt.
  • No translations of the material should be produced without the express permission of the Human Rights Centre or the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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