Film series library

This is the resource page for the TJN film series with audio recordings of film talks / introductions and transcripts. Files are ordered chronologically, with documents for the latest events appearing first. Films shown as part of the ETJN Film Series are also available to University of Essex staff and students to hire free of charge.

For a complete list of all films shown as part of the ETJN Film Series please click here.

Audio recordings and transcripts

State of Fear - Screened Nov 2014

Introduction by Todd Landman

Rhino Season - Screened May 2013

Introduction by Dr John Cant

The Milk of Sorrow - Screened April 2013

Introduction by Dr John Cant

The Lark Farm - Screened June 2011

Introduction by Professor Rainer Shulze

The Silence of Lorna - Screened May 2011

Introduction by Dr Pam Cox

Night and Fog - Screened January 2011

Introduction by Dr Sanja Bahun

Q & A with Dr Sanja Bahun

Article on Night and Fog by Dr Sanja Bahun available through The Holocaust in History and Memory website

The Shutka Book of Records - Screened December 2010

Introduction by Dr Sanja Bahun

Katyn - November 2010

Introduction by Dr Sanja Bahun

Who am I? The Found Children of Argentina - Screened June 2010

Introduction by John Cant

Final words by Clara Sandoval

Jamaica For Sale - Screened April 2010

Q & A with Dr. Esther Figueroa and Polly Pattullo

Esma's Secret - Screened January 2010

Introduction by Professor Geoff Gilbert, School of Law

Hotel Rwanda - Screened October 2009

Introduction by Angelique Umugwaneza, Rwandan and student LL.M. 2009-2010

Introduction by John Packer, Director Essex Human Rights Centre - text


12.511 Rosendo Radilla Case. An Open Wound From Mexico´s Dirty War. Dir. Berenisse Vásquez Sansores and Gabriel Hernández Tinajero. CMDPDH, Witness 2008.

My neighbour my killer.