Transitional Justice Network research

Peacekeeping and peacebuilding

Research area chair: Han Dorussen, Government

The aftermath of conflict is a daunting time that requires addressing the many challenge to reconstruct a society and a state capable of delivering long lasting peace. This area of study is perhaps the one which is the most interlinked with the other thematic areas.

Two issues of special concern for the TJN are (1) the effectiveness of UN peace operations in rebuilding the rule of law and justice in transitional and post-conflict societies, as well as (2) restoration of government functions and social trust, and the strengthening of democratic political processes. These general topics within the peacebuilding agenda will be advanced by a focus on particular issues essential to any successful peacebuilding and peacekeeping effort. In this regard, the Network will consider the following priority areas:

  • Basic safety and security, including disarming, demobilising, reintegrating armed groups
  • Protection of civilians, in particular by implementation of mandates of UN peace operations
  • Security sector reform, with a focus on the police, judiciary and corrections functions
  • Economic revitalization, including addressing the problem of reintegrating child soldiers.