Transitional Justice Network research

Gender- and child-focused approaches

Research area chair: Sanja Bahun, Literature, Film and Theatre Studies

The TJN will explore the different dimensions caused within gender-based violence in transitional societies. It will work with a holistic an inclusive concept of gender in which it will recognize both: the effect caused on women and the one produced on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Necessarily as part of a gender approach, the Network will also look into the different dimensions of violence inflicted on girls and boys.

The experiences of conflict and transition for these groups are likely to differ to those of adult men in a heteronormative society because of inherent gendered power relations. Since the last group is most visible (although not necessarily most numerable) in the majority of transitional societies worldwide, the perspectives and experiences of women, children, and LGBT people have been frequently ignored in TJ research and practice so far. The Area Group on Gender and Children’s direct target is to redress this state of affairs. But our remit extends to the discussion of gender relations and their transformations in a transitional society as a whole; for instance, how the experience of conflict, reparation, and reconstitution, impacts the gender relations and mechanisms of equal representability and accountability among the people of both sexes and any sexual orientation in the given society.