Essex Transitional Justice Network Research

Reparations Unit

The Reparations Unit of the ETJN has released six briefing papers on reparations to support the work of the International Criminal Court....More

Gender- and children-focused approaches

The TJN will explore the different dimensions caused within gender-based violence in transitional societies. It will work with a holistic an inclusive concept of gender in which...More

Conceptual and normative clarification of Transitional Justice

Disciplines such as political sciences, philosophy, law, literature, sociology and history have shaped our current understanding of what transitional justice is......More

Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding

The aftermath of conflict is a daunting time that requires addressing the many challenge to reconstruct a society and a state capable of delivering long lasting peace....More

Transitional Justice and the arts

Transitional justice finds in the arts a catalyst mechanism, and an important information and reparation tool to support societies in transition....More

Economic and Social Dimensions of Transitional Justice

Traditionally, transitional justice has concentrated on gross violations of civil and political rights in the context of dictatorships or armed conflict. Transitional justice mechanisms accordingly...More

Justice Dimension of Transitional Justice

The analysis of the various justice mechanisms and non-judicial responses to mass violations of human rights is at the essence of any integrated approach to transitional justice. ...More

Data archiving and analysis

The TJN believes that the management, analysis, and archiving of data are crucial in creating infrastructures to enable Transitional Justice....More