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Coral reef research

Coral reef

Our flagship Coral Reef Research Unit is the UK's primary coral reef centre, undertaking vital research on how to address challenges facing reefs. We've held innovative underwater lectures in Indonesia.

A unique offering

Excellence in research underpins everything we do at Essex, from working to solve global problems, to our belief that students should learn by thinking and doing. Our innovative work includes:

Built on philanthropy

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) works to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens. We have been working with the OSF to achieve mutual aims in pioneering human rights research and developing the next generation of leaders and decision-makers.

Our postgraduate scholarships with the OSF enable talented students from a range of countries from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan to study at our world-leading Department of Human Rights. The OSF has also supported the innovative human rights and legal research of our International Centre on Human Rights and Drug Policy.

Making a difference

Today, our research has an impact across the globe. Current projects include:

  • increasing crop yield in order to feed the world's booming population
  • developing an artificial blood to change the way blood supplies operate
  • protecting our coral reefs
  • awarding scholarships to over 500 students in 2014-15

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