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Sport for all

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The Essex Blades, supported by donations from alumni, comprise more than 50 clubs and teams competing in sports from ultimate Frisbee to football. Costs for students are almost nil, enabling participation for all.

A unique offering

Essex was founded on the vision of Sir Albert Sloman – bold for its time – for a university where student experience and research were the priorities. Sloman wanted to break down the boundaries between student life and learning, between one subject and another, creating an interrelated, interwoven experience.

We now have a global community of thought leaders breaking new ground and continuing to challenge conventions. Our alumni achievements are significant and include:

  • Nobel Prizes
  • Oscar winning films
  • space travel
  • vital services that keep households running

Built on philanthropy

Our alumni have contributed over £500,000 to student experience projects in sports, societies, arts and events that make campus life at Essex special. Now this funding helps to matchfund students conducting their own fundraising via our University crowdfunding platform, Click.

Initiatives, that have been supported by donations from alumni, include the Students' Union volunteering programme, the vTeam. In the last year alone, nearly 1,500 students have volunteered in the local community, teaching musical instruments to children, helping out at film nights for the elderly, working on allotments and teaching refugees.

Making a difference

Today, communities around the world are supported by Essex, from student-led language classes for refugees in our local community to initiatives and policies that change the lives of people throughout the world.

With your help we can continue to nurture the next generation of researchers and policymakers and continue to improve the lives of communities throughout the world. Want to know more? Get in touch.