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Since our foundation in 1964, our pioneering education and research has had a global impact and created an international community of alumni and scholars. From the arts to cutting-edge science, we're making a difference around the world.

Our University was built on a vision that our people, and our work, could change the world for the better. Essex would be freer and more daring than the rest. This founding ideology remains at the heart of Essex. With the help of alumni, staff and friends we have built an institution that is known for its excellence in research and excellence in education, for its bold people and for its hunger to make a difference.

Philanthropic support is a crucial part of the Essex spirit, from educating the next generation of talent to pioneering research, state-of-the-art facilities and campus activities. We are a charitable organisation and every penny you donate goes directly to the cause you choose.

With your help, we can address some of the biggest problems our community is facing, from protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable to caring for an ageing population and conserving our natural environment.

Your gift and Essex

  • We will help find the cause that interests you most, matching your interests to our work.
  • We will help find the way of giving that works best for you, from mentoring and volunteering to supporting scholarships and research.
  • And for our staff and researchers, we will work with you to secure support for your life-changing research and scholarships.

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Your support makes a difference

  • 2018 Impact Report

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    Read our report to find out more about the ways your gifts helped our University achieve a year of success in 2018.

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Essex was founded on philanthropy in the hope and optimism of the 1960s, built with gifts from people and companies across the country. We still rely on your donation to support research and change students’ lives today.

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We are a university where curiosity prevails and where exploring new ways of thinking and pushing boundaries isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Read about us and our history and find out what makes the Essex Spirit so special.

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We are raising money for our strongest research areas and developing future problem solvers. You can help more students experience an Essex education by supporting scholarships that can change lives.

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There are various ways you can help. Contact us and we'll help you find the cause that interests you and guide you through the options for giving. We can also help you explore tax-efficient options as we're an exempt charity.