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Shami Chakrabarti These are challenging times, especially for today's students, and we need to support, encourage and inspire them in what lies ahead. In particular, we want to do even more to support women who might not otherwise have a chance to study here.

Gender injustice is so embedded in our society and our world, that sometimes we stop seeing it. We accept the rows of men sitting in parliaments or the latest gender health, education or pay gap figures with a shrug and a sigh. It's time to wake up, give ourselves a shake and confront those content with the status quo.

That is why I am proud to launch the Women of the Future Scholarships Appeal – to support the most talented women, those that are willing to challenge conventions and push boundaries across the world.

This is our investment in women of the future. I would be so grateful if you could support this appeal. Every donation makes a difference to students today – and each of them can change tomorrow.

Thank you.

Shami Chakrabarti
Former Chancellor, University of Essex

The Appeal

Shami Chakrabarti

With your help, the Women of the Future Appeal will fund 25 Masters scholarships for women to study at Essex and use their knowledge around the world.

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Our founding supporters have got us off to a great start and your donation can help too. Spread the word about the Women of the Future appeal, which supports the most talented women who are willing to challenge conventions across the world.

Inspiring Essex women

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Essex women have been breaking boundaries and challenging convention since 1964. Read amazing stories about how we are changing the world, bit by bit.

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Essex was founded on philanthropy and has achieved a lot in the last 50 years. We plan to do a lot more in the next 50. See the difference your generosity has made to Essex.