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PhD thesis writing course

We run the PhD Thesis Writing course (SK039-7-FY). You can book your place through Proficio.

Course content

  1. Thesis Writing Part 1 deals with the complex issues related to planning a PhD thesis - what to write, when to write it and how to approach both reading and writing in a way that is likely to guarantee success in the future
  2. Thesis Writing Part 2 acts as continuation of Part 1 and examines the writing process in greater detail. It provides support for writing specific chapters within the thesis and considers issues such as clarity and coherence in writing and the constraints imposed by different types of stylistic conventions.
  3. Thesis Writing Part 3 is aimed at those who have already written a substantial amount of their theses and provides an opportunity for detailed feedback on the written output of individual research projects. Those who have successfully completed Parts 1 and 2 are also invited to attend.

Relationship to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The course has been designed for first year PhD students from a wide range of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary areas. It may also be relevant to second or even third year students looking to improve their skills relating to the following RDF indicators:

  • A1 knowledge base (7) academic literacy;
  • A2 cognitive abilities (1-5) analysing, synthesising, critical thinking, evaluating, problem solving;
  • A3 creativity (1, 4, 5) Inquiring mind; argument construction; intellectual risk;
  • B1 Personal Qualities (2-6) perseverance, integrity, self-confidence, self-reflection, responsibility;
  • B2 Self-management preparation and prioritisation, time management;
  • C1 Professional conduct (6) attribution;
  • C2 Research management (2) project planning and delivery;
  • D1 Working with others (1) Collegiality;
  • D2 Communication and dissemination (1) communication methods.