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Departmental Peer Mentor Coordinators

A Peer Mentor Coordinator is a staff member responsible for overseeing peer mentoring arrangements within your department, school or centre. Each scheme operates slightly differently and so you will hear from your peer mentor co-ordinator about:

  • how mentors are allocated to mentees
  • rules about whether to meet individually, in pairs or small groups
  • what you need to do if you or your mentee want to swap
  • how many times you are expected to meet with or contact your mentee(s) throughout the year
  • how you are expected to make contact with your mentee(s)
  • 'Who's Who' in your peer mentor scheme and/or departmental support arrangements
  • what requirements there might be for record keeping
  • confidentiality policy and practice within your scheme

If have any questions, please contact your Peer Mentor Coordinator.

If your department, school or centre is not currently involved in the scheme and would like to join it, please email

  • Biological Sciences

    Dr Louise Beard

    Telephone 01206 874048


    Location Room 3SW.5.09

  • Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

    Woroud Melhem

    Telephone 01206 872418


    Location Room 4.514

  • East 15 Acting School

    Please note: East 15 Acting School operates a buddy scheme not a peer mentor scheme.

  • Economics

    Dr Rosella Argenziano

    Telephone 01206 873418


    Location Room 5B.317

  • Essex Business School (Colchester)

    Darren Herbert

    Telephone01206 873911


    Location Room EBS 2.14

  • Essex Business School (Southend)

    Deborah McColgan

    Telephone 01206 878411


    Location Room GB.3.66

  • Essex Pathways Department

    Haji Yakubu

    Telephone 01206 87 3352


    Location Room 4.110

  • Government

    Sallyann West

    Telephone 01206 873011


    Location Room 5B.316

  • Health and Social Care (Colchester)

    Rachael Parsons

    Telephone 01206 873081


    Location Room 2S2.3.22

  • Health and Social Care (Southend)

    Amalia Khodr

    Telephone 01702 878886


    Location TF.2 Southend

  • History

    Dr Amanda Flather

    Telephone 01206 872311


    Location Room 5NW.7.8

  • Language and Linguistics

    Jenny Upton

    Telephone 01206 872188


    Location 4.305

  • Law (including Human Rights Centre)

    Karen Brennan

    Telephone 01206 874832


    Location 4SB.5.17

    Liz Fisher-Frank

    Telephone 01206 876121


    Location 4SB.5.13

  • Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies

    Rachele Winn

    Telephone 01206 872611


    Location Room 5NW.6.16

  • Mathematical Sciences

    Karen Waddy

    Telephone 01206 873355


    Location STEM 5.2

    Gemma Hopton

    Telephone 01206 872926


    Location Room 6.320

  • Philosophy and Art History (including ISC)

    Hannah Whiting

    Telephone 01206 872703


    Location Room 6.122

  • Psychology

    Lesley Monk

    Telephone 01206 873356


    Location Room 3.718

  • Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies (Colchester)

    Leonardo Nascimento

    Telephone 01206 873962


    Location Room 4SB.6.13

  • Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies (Southend)

    Dr Chris Nicholson

    Telephone 01206 873075


    Location 4SB.6.10

  • Sociology

    Rowena Macaulay

    Telephone 01206 873743


    Location Room 5A.315

  • SRES

    Marie Gribbin

    Telephone 01206 873361


    Location ESA3.30

Postgraduate students

If you are a postgraduate taught student and would like a peer mentor, please contact your Departmental Peer Mentor Coordinator.

We also have the 'Ask a postgraduate student' scheme which gives you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues about living and studying as a postgraduate at Essex.


Peer mentor schemes are not run through clubs or societies. However, two societies offer buddy schemes instead.

For more information on the Students' Union Buddy Scheme contact:

VP Welfare and Community

Telephone 01206 863211


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