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Peer-assisted learning

If you're a first-year undergraduate, you can benefit from the subject knowledge and experience of our peer-assisted learning mentors. The mentors, normally third-year undergraduates or postgraduates, are based either in the University’s Talent Development Centre or in academic departments. They carry out a variety of tasks to support first-year students, from classroom assistant roles to one-to-one or group appointments on a particular topic of study.

What to expect

Mentors will have already completed the same course as you, so they'll be able support you with the more difficult subjects and you'll have the opportunity to ask the mentors questions.

How to get peer-assisted learning

If you're a first-year undergraduate, enrolled on a course in either the Department of Mathematics, Language and Linguistics or Essex Business School, you're automatically included in this mentoring scheme.


You'll get academic advice not only from your lecturer, but from students who have been in your shoes and have studied the same or similar subjects. It enables you to get direct access to the advice and support of a more experienced peer.

Information for mentors

  • What to expect

    As a mentor you'll communicate with your mentees regularly either by face-to-face meetings, through drop-in sessions, or staying after the lecture to answer any questions. Mentors will be matched with students studying certain subjects and it will mainly have academic focus.

    The mentees

    Students studying certain courses within the Department of Mathematics, Language and Linguistics or Essex Business School.


    There will be training sessions in mentoring provided by the Talent Development Centre, as well as direct training from the departments.

  • Benefits

    • Develop key transferable skills such as communication and leadership skills.
    • Enhance your CV and develop further employability skills through additional training.
    • Increase and develop social and academic confidence.
    • Reinforce your own study skills and knowledge of your own subject(s).
    • Sense of achievement on seeing a mentee develop and grow.
    • Meet new people and contacts through the schemes.

    Rewards and Recognition

    ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) award, Big Essex Award.

  • How to become a mentor

    Placements in the Talent Development Centre are usually Frontrunner placements. Other opportunities are advertised directly by departments to all their eligible students. Applications are currently closed.

    For any further information about this mentoring programme please contact our Learning and Development Adviser, Mathew Reynolds, email