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Dare to ask! Mentoring at Essex goes beyond traditional study resources. As part of your experience at Essex, we encourage you to be bold, question and acknowledge that there are some things you don’t know. We also want you to benefit from the wisdom and experience of those students or alumni who have been down a similar path.

You have the amazing chance to share your own Essex experience and become a mentor for one of our many schemes. It is a great way to give something back, help others, improve your own skills and give a boost to your CV.

Undergraduate mentoring schemes

  • Peer mentoring

    Once you've arrived at Essex, you can have a peer mentor – a fellow undergraduate student (normally from your department) who can help you to settle into life here.

    Getting peer mentoring

    • Peer mentoring is open to all new undergraduates or students returning from a break in studies or studying abroad.
    • You'll get practical advice and information to help you settle into university life.
    • You'll be mentored by a another student (normally from your department).

    Being a mentor

    Are you interested in becoming a peer mentor? Please contact your Departmental Peer Mentor Coordinator.

  • Peer-assisted learning

    You can benefit from the subject knowledge and experience of our peer-assisted learning mentors. The mentors are based either in the University’s Talent Development Centre or in academic departments.

    Getting peer-assisted learning mentoring

    • Peer-assisted learning mentoring is available to first-year undergraduate students in certain departments.
    • You'll get subject-specific support to help you with the more difficult areas you're studying.
    • You'll be mentored by third-year undergraduates or postgraduates who have studied your subject.

    Being a mentor

    Interested in becoming a peer-assisted mentor? All third-year and postgraduate students can apply to be a peer-assistend learning mentor.

Career Mentoring Programme

6 hours. 6 months. Change your life. Our Career Mentoring Programme opens doors, giving you the opportunity to tap into the talent that's gone before you. Get tailored support with dedicated time and space to achieve your career goals sooner. Get to where you want to go - contact us now.

Other mentoring and buddying schemes

  • Disabled student mentoring

    If you receive the Disabled Students Allowance, a student support mentor (a member of staff experienced in supporting students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and mental health issues) can help you with developing your study skills and independent learning.

  • One World Essex buddy scheme

    If you are interested in improving your English, Spanish or any other language, or if you would just like to meet someone new, the One World Essex buddy scheme is for you! By joining the scheme, you get paired up with another student, and together you can explore Essex, practise languages and learn about each other’s cultures. The scheme is open to all students, and you can sign up throughout the year.