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Guest tickets and information

We’re really sorry but Graduation 2020 has been postponed.

  • Purchasing guest tickets

    We’re really sorry but Graduation 2020 has been postponed.

  • Bringing children to Graduation

    Children aged five and over are welcome at Graduation but every child must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the child's behaviour whilst on campus.


    Babies and children under five years of age will not be admitted into the ceremony. Please see our Guest Tickets Policy (.pdf) for information. Children aged five and over may attend the ceremony accompanied by an adult and must have a ticket purchased for them. There are no discounts for children's tickets. Please note, it is not possible to leave the ceremony once it has started; the ceremony will last for approximately two hours.

    If a ticket has been purchased for a child under five, then a cancellation request must be submitted by the deadline below as the child will not be admitted to the ceremony and money will not be refunded on the day.

    Live screening

    Children of any age can visit the live screening of the ceremony in the Lakeside Theatre in Square 5 accompanied by an adult. The ceremony will be screened free of charge and it is possible to leave the room during the ceremony if your child is unsettled. We recommend this option as more suitable for younger children.

  • Inviting additional guests onto campus for Graduation

    Additional guests can visit the Colchester Campus with you on the day of your Graduation, but will not be able to enter the ceremony or departmental reception without a guest ticket.

    The Graduation ceremony will be screened live and any guests without tickets are welcome to use this facility to watch the ceremony.  Children under five are welcome to watch the ceremony in the Lakeside Theatre too so long as they are accompanied by an adult.

  • Cancelling your guest tickets and refunds

    Cancel your guest tickets

    If you wish to cancel your guest tickets, you must do so in writing via email or letter to the Graduation Office by 5pm on Friday 3 July 2020. Requests must be sent by the student and contain the student's full name, registration number and address, with details of the number of guest tickets that should be cancelled.


    All refunds will be processed after Graduation when the University's Income Section will arrange to reimburse the payment card you used. In exceptional circumstances, a cheque can be issued and sent to a student's permanent home address, unless an alternative address has been provided. It is very important that you keep your home address up to date via MyEssex.

    Refunds will be off-set against any outstanding debt owed by the student to the University. Where the outstanding debt is higher than the sum of the refund, no refund will be given.

    If you have purchased guest tickets but subsequently become ineligible to receive an award, as determined by the Board of Examiners, you will automatically have your booking cancelled and a full refund will be processed in August.  Postgraduate research students, who have not had their award conferred upon them ahead of their Graduation ceremony, will also receive a refund in August.

    The Academic Registrar may, in exceptional circumstances, approve a refund in respect of cancellation requests.

  • Dress code for guests

    Guests should wear smart/formal dress, suitable for the occasion.

  • Accommodation and travel information for guests