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From students to alumni

After your graduation, there are still plenty of ways that you can benefit from being part of the Essex family. You will automatically become part of our vibrant, global alumni community and we hope that you'll stay in contact with us, and take full advantage of the benefits of being an Essex alumnus.

Not sure what alumni means? It’s a word from Latin that means former students and rhymes with ‘plum pie’.


Alumni card

Sign up for your alumni card to access campus events like SubZero nights, Sports Weekend and Cine10 and enjoy discounts at the Sports Centre, Lakeside Theatre and Wivenhoe House.

Postgraduate loyalty discount

Save up to 33% on postgraduate study at Essex.

Careers support

As an alumnus, you can use our careers support even after you graduate. This can involve careers events or workshops, CV or interview advice as well as help from our Internships team.

Access to resources

Continued access to the library, and free online journals through JSTOR.

Alumni blog

Feeling nervous about what the future holds? We’ve plenty of advice from fellow Essex alumni over on our alumni blog.

Click crowdfunding

Click Crowdfunding is still available after you graduate with specialist support and no fees.

Student Documentation Ordering System

The Student Documentation Ordering System allows you to order and, where applicable, pay for copies of award certificates, academic transcripts, award confirmation letters, and DOATAP letters.


If you began your undergraduate studies in 2014 you will have the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report). Find out more about how to activate, access and share your HEAR.

Find out more about the Essex alumni community.