Students Staff

Code of practice

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy exists to serve the religious needs of all worshipping groups within the University. In order to facilitate this, whilst in the Chaplaincy all user groups are expected to exercise self-restraint and a concern for the freedom and dignity of others. This means:

  • respecting other people’s freedom within the law to express their beliefs and convictions in worship and prayer
  • respecting the convictions of others about food, dress and social etiquette and not behaving in ways which cause offence
  • always avoiding violence in relationships, in particular avoiding violent action or language, threats, manipulation, improper inducements, or the misuse of any kind of power
  • not misrepresenting or disparaging other people’s beliefs and practices
  • not actively seeking to persuade others to join their faith

Should any member of the Operations Group be found to be infringing the Code of Practice, the Group may refer the matter to the Registrar and Secretary for further investigation. The University reserves the right to withdraw recognition from a religious representative.

This code of practice is part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Essex, Chaplains (and other designated roles) along with Students’ Union Faith Societies affiliated to the Multi–Faith Chaplaincy.

Management Committee

  • Father Mark Swires (Chair)
  • Rev Julie Murphy (Vice-Chair)
  • Rev John Allison (Treasurer)
  • Justin Lunniss
  • Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre Coordinator