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Our Student Charter

Our Student Charter is developed by the University of Essex and our Students' Union as a part of our ongoing commitment to create an outstanding environment that offers the highest standards of teaching, research and support in an international and multi-cultural community.

  • From the moment you apply to Essex you are a member

    From the moment you apply to Essex you are a member; a member of our academic community, our supportive community, our family.

    Membership of the University of Essex is lifelong and begins from the moment you apply. All of our members, from students, to staff, to alumni are equally valued and integral to our progressive learning community.

    Membership comes with a host of benefits too; you’ll be given access to a range of services, resources and events, so you can really make the most of your membership.

    Being a member is a privilege that comes with certain expectations, so we will ask you to comply with University regulations and pay your fees and other charges on time.

    You will also automatically become a member of our Students’ Union, which comes with yet more fantastic free benefits.

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  • Welcome to a truly diverse community

    Welcome to a truly diverse community where differences are celebrated and individuality is valued. We welcome your contribution based on your own thoughts and experiences.

    Being one of our members means being part of a friendly, inclusive and international academic community, characterised by honesty, respect and a pride in diversity. With us, you will be treated fairly and without prejudice, and we expect you to treat others in the same way in return.

    Your new learning community needs you, and that means attending all your taught sessions, supervisory meetings and exams. We also value your opinions so want you to actively participate in academic discussion during lectures, classes and seminars.

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  • You have the freedom to explore, experiment and challenge

    As part of our community you will have the freedom to explore, experiment, and challenge your discipline and have your ideas shaped by peer and professional knowledge from all over the world. At Essex research isn’t just something you learn about, it’s something you do.

    We are proud of our position as one of the leading research-intensive universities in the UK and you will learn from academics that are recognised as world authorities in their field.

    You will play an active role in our intellectual community and will be given everything you need, from research tools and resources to a well-stocked library and state-of-the-art study spaces in order to fully play your part. Your research work will be guided and supported by all of your teachers, supervisors and your personal tutor.

    Our PhD students also have access to Proficio, a unique doctoral training scheme that equips you with a set of specialist professional skills and helps you manage your career development.

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  • Your Essex experience will extend well beyond your studies

    Your Essex experience will extend well beyond your studies. Whatever your passion, we will provide you with opportunities to develop the things you already love, or break away and do something different.

    Our Students' Union is one of the most active in the UK and our campuses are a vibrant hub of activity. Being one of our members means you’ll get the chance to take part in all sorts of extracurricular activities both on and off campus. You can choose from more than 165 clubs and societies, get involved in student representation, join in with a variety of art events or take part with the Volunteering Team.

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  • Our global living and learning community provides a transformational experience

    Our global living and learning community provides a transformational experience where you will grow, shape and discover yourself and the world around you.

    At Essex, we will give you the opportunity to develop academically, professionally and personally. But we can’t do it all for you, you’ll need to take an active role in your own development too including asking for help when you need it and taking advantage of our support services.

    Our student support services will be there for you if you need confidential advice or support on anything relating to your wellbeing. We have experts ready to help whether you’re an international student or a student with specialist requirements, disabilities or dyslexia.

    We know that sometimes advice from a fellow student can also be valuable in which case you can contact Nightline, our anonymous and confidential listening service, run by students, for students.

    Beyond your studies, we know you’ll be thinking about jobs and careers and our Employability and Careers Centre will be here to help you. They manage a range of great opportunities including the Big Essex Award and our Frontrunner scheme. You will also have access to our talent development programme which gives expert support and teaching to help in all aspects of your academic skills development.

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  • As part of our ethical community you can create a better world

    As part of our ethical community you can not only talk about a better world but work to create one. At Essex, talking about change is great, creating change is better.

    Essex students are renowned for making a difference and we want to continue having an impact on the future of the global community through our expert knowledge and ethical research activities.

    We are committed to an ethical standard of practice that protects the dignity, rights and welfare of all our members and everyone we do business with.

    Our reputation is built on honesty, excellence in education and excellence in scholarship. You will play your part in supporting that reputation by making your own, personal commitment to academic honesty in all your coursework, assignments, exams and research. All our members conduct themselves in ways which support and promote the good name and reputation of our University.

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  • Your education is your key

    Your education is your key, unlocking doors and letting you become everything you have the potential to be.

    Joining us at Essex gives you the chance to enjoy a world-class challenging and stimulating educational experience, top-quality tuition and all the supervision and support you need.

    Whatever your subject or interest we have a host of learning resources designed to help you achieve success. We will also do our best to support your studies through giving you fair assessments and clear and constructive feedback on your assignments.

    We want you to get the very most out of your studies so ask that you notify your Department of any absences and extenuating circumstances that may affect your academic performance; so we can ensure you get all the support you need.

    We will let you know about support services and how to get help via your University email, so ask that you make an effort to check your emails weekly.

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  • Our members are members forever

    Whether progressing to further study, employment or entrepreneurship, our students graduate are equipped with the knowledge skills and confidence to stride out into the world and start changing it for the better.

    Our members are members forever. You may move on, but your time at the University of Essex never leaves you.

    Our alumni members receive discounts on postgraduate study with us and our Careers Advisers continue to offer help and support for up to three years after your graduation.

    You will still have access to the Albert Sloman Library and the JSTOR digital library after you graduate and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to stay in touch and share your experiences at our annual networking, reunion and social events.

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  • Other useful links and information

    Estates, campus and security

    Your safety on campus is our priority and our Estates team work hard to ensure our members are safe and protected while they are with us. We want you to play your part in this too and hope you will join with us in creating a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors.

    Accommodation and Residence Life

    Accommodation on our campuses is tailored to meet the needs of our members and while living in student accommodation you are part of our welcoming and inclusive residential community. This means you’ll have a responsibility to work together with other residents to create a positive atmosphere in which to live and study.

    Concerns, complaints and appeals

    Our University community is large and is engaged in both academic and non-academic activities. From time to time, you may feel dissatisfied with some aspects of your University experience. Should you feel this way, whatever your concern, it is important that the issue is dealt with constructively and as quickly as possible without risk of disadvantage or recrimination. The University aims to resolve concerns or complaints quickly and informally in accordance with the Student concerns and complaints procedure.

    Student voice

    Our members matter to us and are integral to creating an Essex we can all be proud of. While you are with us we want to hear all about your experience and to hear when things have gone particularly well and when you feel they could have been better. We will give you opportunities to feed back to us and we want you to use them. Your feedback will be listened to, considered and we will give you a response. During any formal complaint process you will be represented by our Students’ Union.