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Choosing or changing modules

Choosing optional modules

Before beginning the first year, you may be expected to select option modules depending on your programme of study. There are lists that show which modules are available as options on different courses. You will be able to see from the module enrolment system (eNROL - online module enrolment system) how many modules will need to be chosen, and which list to choose them from. Some modules will be marked as compulsory.

You can only choose modules from the list specified on the drop-down list in eNROL. When selecting modules you should bear in mind:

  1. although you have been admitted to the University to follow a specific course, it is usually possible to change this choice at the end of the first year. You are advised to choose your optional modules in such a way that you will have the widest possible choice of courses at the end of your first year. Our experience is that many students change their course at the end of the first year for a wide range of reasons.
  2. many modules do not lead either to a single honours or to a joint course. You should therefore take care in choosing your optional modules to consider the range of courses which will be open to you at the end of the first year
  3. please note that enrolment on optional modules will be subject to timetable constraints. If you wish to enrol on a module that clashes with a compulsory or another option module(s), you must choose an alternative module
  4. Please note that the process of enrolling onto modules is not the same process as registering for your course. You will need to complete the registration process in addition to choosing your modules. For information on how to do this, please visit our registration pages for new and returning students.

Changing modules

  • Changing modules at the start of the academic year

    You will already have made an initial choice of modules. If you are in any doubt as to whether you have made the right choice, try to talk it over with your Advisor or Course Supervisor(s). It is usually possible to change modules up to the end of the second week of the Autumn Term. If you are not sure which modules to take you could attend lectures for several different modules before making your final choice. If you do decide to change, this is what you have to do within the first two weeks of the Autumn Term.

    • if you are following a programme of study use the personalised online enrolment service, called eNROL. Exchange and non-degree students should visit the office which organises their study arrangements
    • eNROL is available on and off campus and will enable you to make changes to your enrolment record
    • changes requested in eNROL are reviewed by the relevant academic departments and you will receive email messages to your Essex account to confirm that the changes have been approved
    • when the changes have been reviewed, you will see an updated enrolment record both in eNROL and in the MyStudy channel of MyEssex
    • once eNROL has closed, at the end of the second week of term, you must discuss any changes in person with the relevant teaching and administrative staff in your department as late changes are not normally accepted. In particular, you cannot drop an Autumn Term module and replace it with a Spring Term module.

  • Changing modules at the start of the Spring Term

    eNROL will be opened for the first two weeks of the Spring Term to enable you to make changes to modules for SP (Spring) term or PS (Spring/Summer) terms. You will only be able to change these modules. You cannot drop an Autumn Term module at this time and replace it with a Spring Term module(s). They must be changed by the end of the second week of teaching. All changes to your module enrolment must also be processed by this date.

    Changes after this date are not guaranteed because you will have missed two weeks of tuition. If, when you go to eNROL, you find that any of your modules for AU (Autumn) or FY (Full Year) are incorrect, please notify the Student Progress Team immediately on

  • Confirmation of course enrolment

    Your choice of modules will be checked in the Spring Term before the Examination timetable is created.