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Choosing or changing modules

About module enrolment

Most courses allow for students to select optional modules during each year of study. The process is called Module Enrolment and students use the online system called eNROL to review and select the optional modules available on the course. eNROL is personalised to display the modules available to you on your year of study and course.

Returning students should complete Module Enrolment by early-July prior to the start of the next academic year. Early selection of modules is critical to enable the University to identify and reduce timetable clashes over the summer.

New students will be able to access the eNROL system as soon as they have received their pre-arrival pack from the Registration Office, which will be from the middle of August onwards. Students should choose all their optional modules before arriving at the University for the academic year.

All students should select optional modules as soon as possible so that you:

  • Are prepared for the first week of term.
  • Know which modules to attend and where the lectures and classes are held.
  • Receive up-to-date timetable information and we can ensure that your chosen modules do not clash on the timetable where feasible.
  • Can look at the content of the modules in advance.

eNROL deadlines

  • eNROL is available from 12.00pm on Tuesday 30 April 2019 to 8.59am on Monday 21 October 2019.
  • Returning students should complete Module Enrolment by Monday 22 July 2019.
  • New students should complete Module Enrolment by Thursday 3 October 2019.

Choosing optional modules

  • About choosing optional modules

    You can only choose modules from the lists specified in eNROL.

    • If you are considering changing your course of study, you should choose optional modules in such a way that you have the widest possible choice of courses open to you at the end of the first year.
    • Enrolment on optional modules will be subject to timetable constraints. If you wish to enrol on a module that clashes with a compulsory or other option module(s), you must choose an alternative module.
    • You are not permitted to enrol for a module which you have already taken in a previous stage. Credits cannot be awarded twice for the same module. Students can only take the same module again if they have been required by an exam board to repeat a stage on a full or part-time basis due to academic failure.
    • Students must enrol for the correct number of modules in accordance with their programme structure and they must attend all associated tuition.

  • Differences between module enrolment and course registration

    The process of enrolling onto modules is not the same process as registering for your course. You will need to complete the registration process in addition to choosing your modules. For information on how to do this, please visit our registration pages for new and returning students.

  • Taking level 6 modules in the second year

    If you are thinking about selecting a level 6 module(s) as one of your options in your second year (for example ZY333-6-FY), you are advised to discuss your option choices with a member of staff in your department. Level 6 modules are normally taken in the final year of a three-year degree, or the third year of a four-year degree, and it is important that you understand the intellectual demand and level of work that is expected of you, and the implications that are involved in taking a level 6 module in your second year. Find out more about levels of study and the University’s Rules of Assessment.

  • Module approval process

    Most modules will be approved as soon as you submit your selections via the online system. There are a few modules that will need department approval and your confirmation email will indicate modules awaiting approval. Departments will review your choices and will send you automated emails to confirm that the enrolment has been approved, or advising why it cannot be approved. Some departments will review the choices daily, others less frequently, according to the needs of the department. This process may take several weeks depending on the reason for manual approval by the department.

  • Timetable clashes

    • Where students enrol for two optional modules with a timetable clash between lectures, they are required to change one of the conflicting modules.
    • Where a timetable clash occurs between an optional module and a core/compulsory module, students must choose a different optional module.
    • Where a clash occurs in a class/lab session and there is no opportunity to move to another class/lab session, students must choose another option immediately.

    Students cannot claim extenuating circumstances if they miss sessions because they have not taken steps to change options quickly.

  • Attending modules prior to enrolment

    Students are not permitted to attend modules for which they are not officially enrolled beyond the deadline for choosing modules. Students wishing to change course must also submit their application to change as far in advance of this date as possible, particularly if the change will involve enrolling for different modules. Please note that late requests to change course or enrol for modules will need special approval from the Dean after consultation with the relevant department. It may not be possible to grant late requests as students may have missed too much tuition and/or have missed assessment on the new modules. If you are a first year student who wishes to change course and repeat the first year again you must submit your application to change by the deadline for intermitting, which is published on the My Course web pages. If you do not submit your application by this date you will be expected to sit your examinations in the summer. For more advice please contact your department or a member of staff in the Student Progress Team.

  • Choosing modules that are not available via eNROL option lists

    eNROL will display the valid options for your course. If you wish to choose a module that is not available within the structure of your course, then you would have to seek approval by requesting a special syllabus from your departmental office.

Changing modules

  • Changing modules at the start of the academic year

    You will already have made an initial choice of modules. If you are in any doubt as to whether you have made the right choice, try to talk it over with your Department or Course Supervisor(s). If you are not sure which modules to take you could attend lectures for several different modules before making your final choice.

    eNROL remains open for the first two weeks of the term to enable changes to module enrolment. Simply revisit the online system to change your module selections.

    Once eNROL has closed, at the end of the second week of term, you must discuss any changes in person with the relevant teaching and administrative staff in your department as late changes are not normally accepted are not normally accepted because you will have missed two weeks of tuition. In particular, you cannot drop an Autumn Term or Full Year module and replace it with a Spring Term module.

  • Changing modules at the start of the Spring Term

    eNROL will be open prior to the Spring term to enable changes to Spring term or Summer term optional modules. You will only be able to change modules taught during the SP (Spring) term, PS (Spring/Summer) term, or SU (Summer term) You cannot drop an Autumn Term or Full Year module at this time and replace it with a Spring Term module(s).

    Once eNROL has closed, at the end of the second week or term, you must discuss any changes in person with the relevant teaching and administrative staff in your department as late changes are not normally accepted because you will have missed two weeks of tuition.

    If, when you go to eNROL or review your module enrolment in MyEssex, you find that any of your modules for AU (Autumn term) or FY (Full Year) are incorrect, please notify the Student Progress Team immediately on

  • Changing course

    eNROL assumes that you will continue with the course for which you have accepted a place at Essex, or the course that you followed last year.

    Information on changing your course.

eNROL dates

You can login to eNROL and amend your choices during the following times:

eNROL opens eNROL closes
UG and full-time PGT to select 2019-20 modules 30 April 2019, midday 21 October 2019, 8.59am
UG and full-time PGT with spring options 3 December 2019, midday 27 January 2020, 8.59am
UG and full-time PGT to select 2020-21 modules TBC TBC

Help completing module enrolment

If you have queries about what modules to choose, or any general queries about your modules or programme of study, contact or visit your departmental office.

If you have any queries about using eNROL or about any technical issue, please email Please provide your course title in full, your department and what year you are in.