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Student Documentation Ordering System

Welcome to the Student Documentation Ordering System, which will allow you to order and, where applicable, pay for the documents you require. To do this you will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1 – Select the documents you require.
Step 2 – Enter your personal details and additional information, if required.

Your Academic Transcript

Undergraduate students who registered on their course for the first time in and after September 2014 have their full academic record and transcript available via their HEAR.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is a secure digital document that you can access and share for life. You can use your HEAR as you go through your degree as a record of all your achievements. You can also use it to apply for internships and placements, as it’s a fully certified record of your academic results. You can share a digital version of your HEAR with employers and other universities, providing them with a University-certified record of your achievements.

Further information about the HEAR

Students without access to a HEAR, such as postgraduate students and students who studied with us before September 2014, can still order an academic transcript.

Electronic certificate of Registration

All currently registered students can now access their certificate of registration electronically at any time and share it with third parties. This document can be used to confirm that you are registered student, to register for council tax exemption or reduction, to open a bank account or to confirm your current status as a student.

In order to view your document, you will need to access your Gradintelligence account. If you have previously accessed your HEAR or the Big Essex Award you will have already created a username and password for your account. If you are yet to log in, you will need to create a username and password.

You can log in to your account via

If you have forgotten your username and password or have not yet created one, you can recover your official account here

If you require a document with any further information included, you will need to order your document below.

Important notes

New students

New students are not permitted to order documents from this site before they are registered. If you are a new student to the university you must register on your course before you can order any documents with regards to your status as a student. Please read the published information with regards to registration if you have not already done so. If you are not registered, and you place an order through this system, you will not be given your documents.

Documentation for more than one course

You can only place an order for one course or award at a time. If you require documentation for more than one course or award you will need to complete a separate online order for each.

Additional information may be required

Although the ordering process can be completed in two steps, additional information may be required depending on whether the person placing the order is a current or former student and what type of documentation is required.

Award Certificates

All students will receive an award certificate when they graduate, without charge. Additional copies may be requested using the online ordering system. Please note a charge will be made for this service.


You started your course in or after 2014

If you’re an undergraduate and started in 2014 or after, you have access to your HEAR which replaces the Academic Transcript. You’ll need to activate your account using the link you have been sent from Gradintel. If you haven’t received an activation email, email to request a new one. When you graduate, your HEAR will be finalised and you’ll have full access to it for life.

You started your course before 2014

If you’re an undergraduate who started before 2014 or a you're a postgraduate, you won’t have access to a HEAR but you’ll receive a printed transcript of your academic results when you graduate.

Please be aware that marks for your current year will only appear on your transcript when they have been ratified by the board of examiners.


If you’re an alumnus and require a copy of your transcript you can use this online ordering system to request one. Please note a charge will be made for this service.

Using credit or debit cards

When using the Student Documentation Ordering System, if you are required to make a payment this can only be carried out by one of the credit or debit cards we recognise.

Awards from Partner Instititions

If you are a graduate from a UK Partner Institution or college you may use this service to request replacement Award Certificates only. All other documents should be obtained from your institution directly.

Bank Letters

Incoming Study Abroad / Exchange students should visit Essex Abroad if they wish to receive a bank letter.

Postgraduate taught students

Postgraduate taught students may not be able to receive Award Confirmation Letters until all results have been confirmed. Orders placed before the confirmation of results will be postponed until results are made available, which may take longer than our usual turn around time.

Council tax exemption

Students in University accommodation are not required to pay council tax.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for council tax exemption, please see advice on council tax.

If you are resident in the Colchester borough, you can register online for council tax exemption from Colchester Borough Council, your address details in your MyEssex portal must be up to date and the same as the address you are claiming the exemption for.

If you’re in debt

If you want to order a document but are currently in debt to the University we won’t be able to produce your document until your debt has been cleared..

Schengen Visa

Please make sure you include the country or countries you’re visiting in the notes section of your order. We need this to produce your Visa document.

What documents are available to order?

Current Students

The following documents may be ordered by current students – these documents relate to the course(s) you are currently registered on at the University of Essex only:

IDMax QtyDocument TitleFeeWhat is this document?
21Certificate of Registration for travel outside Europe (European Union - EU)None Details
31Certificate of Registration to obtain a Schengen visa for European travel (European Union - EU)None Details
41Certificate of Registration to obtain an ATAS certificateNone Details
51Certificate of Registration to provide to the ArmyNone Details
Former Students

The following documents may be ordered by former students – these documents relate to course(s) which have been completed and where results have been published by the University of Essex.

Please be aware that if you studied an undergraduate degree with us from 2014 onwards, your full academic record and transcript is available online via your HEAR. If you are having difficulty accessing your HEAR, please email

If you wish to obtain a European Diploma Supplement and were registered with the University pre-2014 please email

Please be aware that due to the increased risk level of COVID-19, and the Government announced new lockdown in England from Thursday 5th November, we are currently unable to issue hard copy award documents. We apologise for any inconvenience.

All documents, apart from Award Certificates, are alternatively available as a PDF. If you require an Award Certificate, which we are currently unable to produce, an Award Confirmation Letter can confirm your award and classification in its absence. Should you have any queries, concerns or require additional support while we are unable to produce hard copy documents, please contact us at

IDMax QtyDocument TitleFeeWhat is this document?
1010Award Confirmation Letters£5 Details
1615Digital Academic Transcripts (only for alumni without access to the HEAR)(1996/7 onwards)*£5 Details
121DOATAP Award Confirmation Letters (Greek students only)£5 Details
185Specialist Alumni Letter£5 Details

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