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Staff parking

Staff are encouraged to park in the multi-storey car park and the Innovation Centre car park (between North Towers and Parkside, to the west of the adjoining path). However, staff can also park in Car Park B, Valley car park and North Towers car park (for Wivenhoe Park Day Nursery).

Parking registration

Registering your vehicle entitles you to cheaper daily parking charges. If you want to park on campus but aren't registered, you will need to pay the full visitor rate.

  • Registration process and permits

    If you can't apply online, visit the Estates Management Helpdesk to complete a paper form. This will take two working days to process.

    The new registration system is now open and you must register your vehicle(s) by 14 October 2016. If you have registered in previous years, you will receive an automated email listing your details. If your vehicle details are unchanged and you want to continue with the same permit type, you don't need to re-register.

  • Fees and payment

    There are various parking options available.

    Annual season ticket

    This option is only available to staff on payroll. You'll pay:

    • a registration fee of 0.15% of your salary (gross salary, not including overtime payments or bonuses), and
    • a fixed amount of £84 for parking for the year (or a pro-rata amount if your contract is part-time - eg £42 if you're 50% FTE)

    Your registration charge and annual season ticket will be deducted from your salary, monthly. If you're a full-time member of staff you'll pay 0.15% of your salary plus £7 per month.

    The annual season ticket option means you don't have to visit a pay station each day. Your vehicle will be authorised until you cancel your request with the Payroll team.

    General parking

    With this option you pay:

    • a registration fee, and
    • a daily charge each time you park, using the pay stations (see 'Daily charges' below for more information)

    The registration fees are:

    • staff on payroll - 0.15% of your salary (gross salary, not including overtime payments or bonuses), paid via a monthly payroll deduction, or by cash/cheque up-front for the year (non-refundable)
    • staff not on payroll - 0.15% of salary, payable by cash/cheque (non-refundable)
    • Emeritus Professors and Visiting Fellows - £23 per year (non-refundable)

    Reserved parking (previously barrier-controlled parking)

    Reserved parking costs £327 per year, deducted from your monthly salary over 12 months. Reserved parking is located on level 3 of the multi-storey car park.

    Occasional user

    As an occasional user you can park for a maximum of three days per week. There's no registration charge, but you must still register your vehicle. You pay 30p per hour for your parking. Please see the 'Daily charges' section for information on how to pay.

  • Motorcycles

    Staff can register to park a motorcycle on campus. Registration is free and motorcycles will then be exempt from the pay and display charges.

    Motorcyclists must park in the designated motorcycle parking spaces.

Disabled parking

Please contact the Occupational Health Service to apply for a parking space. You will be allocated a parking space in a car park or under the podia (the service road which runs underneath the University). Your paperwork will be dealt with by the Estate Management Helpdesk. For queries about disabled parking, contact the Information Centre.

You will have to pay a registration fee for your allocated space, but you won't have to pay the daily pay and display charges. Please remember any vehicle parked in designated spaces without displaying a blue badge and the correct registration sticker may be issued with a parking enforcement notice.

Changing your vehicle

Cancelling your permit

Daily charges

Daily charges apply to all motor vehicles, with the exception of:

  • those with reserved car parking
  • those with annual season tickets
  • those making their daily payment via their payroll
  • motorcycles

The daily charges are in addition to the annual registration fee.

Type Cost per hour Full-day charge
Registered vehicles 10p 70p
Occassional-use permit holders 30p £2.10

How to pay your daily charges

  • Multi-storey car park (pay on foot when you leave)

    Parking charges are managed by automatic number plate recognition. Before you return to your car, enter your vehicle registration number at one of the pay machines located in the car park stairwells. These machines take coins, notes and credit/debit cards.

  • All other car parks (pay and go when you arrive)

    When you register your vehicle as a General or Occasional User, you will be authorised to obtain discounted parking and will have to visit a pay station each day to pay for your parking. When you arrive:

    1. go to a pay station (locations listed below)
    2. enter your registration number
    3. enter the amount of time you need to park for
    4. pay as prompted

    The car parks work on automatic number plate recognition. You don't need to display a ticket, but you can request a receipt for your payment at the pay stations if you prefer.

    The pay and go machines accept coins, notes and card payments.

    Pay stations are located at the:

    • entrance to Valley Car Park (adjacent to the Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre)
    • entrance to North Towers Car Park, on the causeway
    • foyer of the Essex Business School
    • Information Centre

    You will also be able to pay for parking in Car Park A and Car Park B at the pay stations in the stairwells of the multi decked car park.

Parking out of term time

There are no daily charges out of term time for registered vehicles. Unregistered vehicles must pay the full visitor tariff.

Parking enforcement

Our University operates a car parking enforcement scheme (.pdf) so should you decide to park on campus then you’re agreeing to our rules and regulations for driving, parking and registering. You’re responsible for paying for parking and parking appropriately.

These rules support the University’s travel plan and ensure the safety and availability of spaces, where possible, in the car parks. It also ensures that there is a clear and fair process for parking on campus.

The University is private property. On every entrance (at either end of Boundary Road and on Capon Road) there is a contract to enter sign with details of our parking rules.

  • Parking rules and fines

    You are not eligible to register for discounted parking if you reside on campus.

    Your vehicle needs to be authorised to park on campus. To be authorised you need to:

    • pay the visitor tariff for your required parking
    • pay on foot in the multi decked car park
    • have a registered your vehicle and have pre-paid for your parking or paid for the duration of your parking at a pay station

    Failure to do this will first result in a warning. If it happens for a second time, a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) of £50 (£25 if paid within 14 days) will be issued. You may not get a warning if it is a serious contravention such as a health and safety issue or obstruction.

    In each new academic year (October to September), you will be given one warning if you contravene our Rules and Regulations for the Driving, Parking and Registration of Vehicles on Campus. All subsequent breaches in the same year will result in a PCN being issued.

  • Administering parking tickets

    We contract First Parking to administer the enforcement process. They're an approved member of the British Parking Association and are governed by a strict code of practice. They're able to request Keeper of a Vehicle details to make contact about contraventions.

    They will send out notices and reminders and then, if a parking charge notice isn’t paid, pass any debt onto a debt collector to collect any outstanding unpaid parking charge notice. They may add an administration fee.

    If the debt collector can't recoup the outstanding amount then the debt may be recovered via a small claims court.

  • Issuing parking tickets

    Issuing tickets in the multi-storey car park

    An automatic number plate recognition system is in place and this automatically sends data of any contravention to First Parking who post the keeper of the vehicle a parking notice or warning.

    Issuing tickets in our other car parks

    We employ two Traffic Officers who issue Parking Charge Notice (PCN). A notice is then applied to the windscreen for you, the driver, to take action. Data regarding these PCN’s and photographic evidence of a contravention is then uploaded to First Parking for monitoring and further action if necessary.

  • If you've been given a ticket and how to appeal

    Paymyparking service

    If you’ve been issued a PCN, you can use First Parking's website to enter your vehicle registration number and PCN number to view details of the contravention and can choose to either pay the parking charge or appeal.


    You must follow the instructions on the rear of the notice or letter sent to you by First Parking.

Electric vehicle charging

Six electric vehicle charging points are available in the multi-storey car park.

  • Using the chargers for your car

    To use the chargers you'll need to download the iPhone / Android POD Point app (a web app is also available) and register with the POD Point's network.

    Charging is currently free. Usage will be reviewed in the next parking year (1 October 2016 - 30 September 2017).

    To use the chargers:

    • plug in your cable
    • find the POD Point and correct door in the app
    • confirm your charge within 15 minutes

    If you don't confirm the charge, the charger will switch off after 15 minutes. Any external users will receive a 15 minute charge only.

  • Arranging for a visitor to use the chargers

    If your visitor needs to use the chargers you'll need to provide the Estates Helpdesk with the person's name and email address. The visitor should also be told to download the POD Point app in advance.

Due to the town centre location of our Southend Campus all our sites are easily accessible by public transport. Should you need to travel by car, there are public car parks underneath University Square student accommodation and underneath South Essex College. There are also charging points for electric cars in London Road, outside University Square.

There is only limited visitor parking at our Loughton Campus.