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Our current students tell you about their experiences of being an undergraduate at Essex. You can also find out what our graduates have been doing since they've left Essex.

Hear from our students

Hristina tells us about her experience of studying sociology, how she became the president of the Bulgarian society and what she enjoyed about living in the Towers.

Criminology students tell us about their experiences of being taught by academics who are world leaders in their field.

Our student profiles

  • Ayshe Caluda, third-year BA Sociology and Criminology

    "I chose the department of sociology due to the great level of research carried out at Essex. It’s one of the best."

    "I chose Sociology and Criminology in particular because I did well in Sociology at sixth form and Criminology has always been an interest of mine. They have been a great match."

    "I enjoy the department because I feel I have all the support I need. Everyone is so close and caring. The best thing is the common room and the lovely ladies in the office. My favourite module this year is probably policing and society. I really enjoy this module as you can really relate it to reality."

    "I chose Essex because it’s one of the best unis out there for my course. When I joined it was in the top ten unis in the UK for Sociology which is amazing! I have really enjoyed my time here and all the friends I have made. Essex is very friendly and student-orientated."

  • Emine Tarim, third-year BA Sociology

    "I chose to join the department as a BA Sociology undergraduate due to its reputation as one of the most prestigious departments for sociological research in the country."

    "I have enjoyed the fact that the department is open to allowing students to choose from a wide range of modules, which has allowed me to choose modules I have strong interests in."

    "My favourite module this year has been 'continuity and controversy in sociology'. Although it was a difficult module, I felt that I have developed my sociological understanding the most through the lectures taught."

    "I chose the University of Essex because of its reputation of having the most diverse student-body."

  • Alina Carabat, third-year BA Criminology

    "Essex’s Department of Sociology is one the highest ranked Sociology departments in the UK and this was one of the main reasons I chose to join. I was always interested in working within the criminal justice system and getting a degree in Criminology was the best way to start the road towards achieving this this goal."

    "One of the things I enjoy most about studying in the Department is the way my course is being taught overall. The staff are friendly and they have a very balanced approach between offering advice to students while at the same time guiding them to think critically and develop their own ideas."

    "The researching modules are my favourite because staff are passionate about teaching their subject, nurturing existing researching skills in students but also attracting many students towards this subject."

    "Being a home away from home for students from over 130 countries, the University of Essex is a highly multicultural university, which is one of the reasons why I chose to study here. Also, the fact that over two-thirds of the research carried out here is rated as ‘internationally excellent’ demonstrates the quality of obtaining an Essex degree."

  • Sara Vik, second-year BA Sociology with Human Rights student

    “I chose Essex specifically because the Human Rights Centre is well known for its outstanding excellence in teaching and research. The modules I have enjoyed the most are Introduction to Media, Culture and Society and Foundations of Human Rights; every time I walk into a lecture or seminar I know I made the right choice in choosing Essex. I find them both very interesting and the lecturers are excellent. I've learnt so much – not just about theories – but being able to see the world with a new pair of eyes, and this fascinates me!”