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Graduate profiles

Our graduates go on to make an impact in the world once they leave Essex, having successful careers in many different fields.

Andreea's story

Andreea tells us about her time at Essex and the job she has secured as a recruitment consultant.

Undergraduate profiles

  • Lily Flaherty, BA Sociology 2012

    During her third year, Lily was elected to the Students’ Union’s Sabbatical Team.

    “I came to Essex because of its outstanding research ranking for sociology and its very active Students' Union. The Department was extremely helpful and gave me all the guidance I needed. I particularly enjoyed the module Youth Culture: Crime, Consumption and the City because it gave me a better understanding of where young people fit in to an ever expanding culture. After completing my degree, I started work as Vice-President for Welfare and Community. I love being able to help current students on a daily basis!”

  • Melissa Gimson, BA Sociology and Criminology 2013

    “Studying criminology at Essex really appealed to me because of how broad the course was. I was also impressed by the lecturers, who publish contemporary and world-leading research on a regular basis. My favourite module was Sociology of Crime and Control because I loved learning about the different cultural and social factors that contribute to social issues, such as offending, and it supported my interest in becoming a youth offending team officer. The Department was very supportive; they run a resource centre for students and provide help with writing both essays and CVs.”

  • Sarah Day, BA Politics and Sociology 2009
    Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocate, Refuge

    “The challenger mind-set at Essex is unique. We were encouraged to question everything, and never accept something just because it was the norm. My work is focused on lowering the risk of domestic and sexual violence survivors as quickly as possible, though housing, injunctions and the justice system. Having the capacity to question general practice is vital, as it means I can challenge institutions’ views and practices in order to maximise victim safety - an ability I definitely learnt from Essex.”

  • Sindy Mohanathas, BA Criminology with Social Psychology 2011
    Business Support Officer National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

    "I’ve always been interested in issues surrounding child protection, and because Essex offers an impressive range of modules, I was effectively able to specialise in this area. I developed strong research and analytical skills, and the Employability and Careers Centre taught me how to communicate my knowledge and experience through CVs and interviews. Together, we explored my options and identified a range of possible opportunities. Now I have my dream job! Spending my time listening to young people and ensuring they are offered the best possible protection and care is exactly what I want to be doing."

  • Beth Astley-Serougi BA Sociology with Human Rights 2014

    “The Department is ranked very highly in the UK for research and the community atmosphere was something I really liked. The research at Essex is ground-breaking and the teaching staff openly share ideas with you about the latest developments in the field. The opportunity to study human rights as well isn't offered by many universities. Essex helped me develop in many different ways: it instilled in me confidence both academically and personally, and having previously studied human rights meant that I had a multi-disciplinary background that enabled me to study law at postgraduate level which I am doing at Essex. It was so great here that I just couldn’t leave!”

Postgraduate profiles

  • Chris Beaton, BA History and Criminology 2007, MA Criminology and Sociology 2008

    After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Essex, Chris began working as a civil servant.

    “The Department was great! I enjoyed the contemporary criminology modules which often focused on real-life experiences, making the content enjoyable and interesting. Lecturers were very welcoming and happy to offer advice on both academic and personal levels making the transition from school to university much easier. Although my course is not directly relevant to my current role, I am always able to use the skills and experience my course has taught me.”

  • Eduardo Vicente Gonçalves, MA Sociological Research 2013

    "Since graduating I founded a start-up business, ran a short-term crowd-funded project, began my PhD at Essex, and will shortly create another start-up business. Studying at Essex expanded my network, gave me the chance to study abroad, provided me with a solid base in methodology, and sharpened my social science analytical skills. The professors and lecturers are amazing and I particularly enjoyed informal discussions after lessons."

  • Kelly-Marie Taylor, MA Sociological Research 2013

    "I chose Essex as it is a fantastic research-based university and is highly rated in my field of social sciences. The campus and facilities are excellent. The Department of Sociology is a very warm but challenging environment to work in. It was fantastic to work with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and it felt like a collaborative place to be. The quality of teaching, assessments and research within the Department is exemplary and it is a very exciting environment to be working in. I am now studying for a PhD at Essex and also work part-time as an administration assistant in a school."

  • Deniz Unan, MA Criminology and Sociology 2010, PhD Sociology

    “The Department of Sociology provides a wonderful, friendly environment for postgraduate study and research. I enjoyed the variety of activities such as attending insightful conferences. I am particularly interested in culture, crime and media studies, research on citizenship and identity, and qualitative methods. I find people’s perception of crime and how it has evolved throughout history to be a very interesting area of study. I really enjoy becoming more knowledgeable within my field and delivering unique and original work.”