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The changing role of shopgirls

Dr Pamela Cox, from our Department tells us about her research and BBC 2 series "Shopgirls: The True Story of Life Behind the Counter".

Technological surveillance vs urban security

Professor Pete Fussey from our Department examines the growth, application and impact of technological surveillance in relation to contemporary forms of urban security, for the Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series.

Taster lecture

Professor Colin Samson from our Department discusses the life and works of American sociologist, C. Wright Mills, for the module SC164-4-SP: Introduction to United States Sociology.

Crime, celebrity and the media

Professor Eamonn Carrabine talks about the power of the visual and photography, and how crime and celebrity have become increasingly interconnected throughout the 20th century. He also gives an interesting view of what drives the public's attention to media representations of crime and celebrity

Honorary graduate pioneer of oral history

Professor Paul Thompson has worked at the University since 1964. He is a pioneer in oral history and founded the journal Oral History in 1971 and established National Life Stories at the British Library, now the largest oral history archive in Europe. He was founding director of Qualidata now part of the UK Data Archive.

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