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Student Resource Centre

Our Student Resource Centre offers academic and personal support for all our students, and is unique to our Department.

Run by Student Support Services Officer, Rowena Macaulay and a team of student volunteers, the Centre offers informal advice and support in all areas of your study and life at Essex. It's home to an extensive range of study aids and support services and also runs a programme of academic skills workshops throughout the year.

Sociology common room

Our common room is at the heart of the Department. It's open all day Monday to Friday and is a great place to meet up, chat with friends and staff, or read.

It's stocked with daily newspapers, magazines and journals, and drinks are also available. It's also the venue for drinks and nibbles after weekly departmental seminars.

Access to resources

In addition to the Albert Sloman Library, and as a result of being the top university in the UK for social science, you have access to the collections of datasets, archives and research materials held in the UK Data Archive. These are used by our staff in their research work and you can use them for your research.

You can access a number of software packages in all the computer labs on campus including:

  • statistical software (SAS, STATA, SPSS, R and others)
  • geographic information system (ArcGIS)
  • qualitative data coding and analysis package (MAX QDA2)
  • standard word processing, data analysis/graphing, presentation and bibliography management software

If you want to experiment with or specialise in survey research, we provide access to the Qualtrics online survey system. If you need further qualitative data analysis tools, the University also has a site-wide licence for installation of NVivo 9.

Internationally acclaimed resources

Essex is one of the focal points for social and economic research funding in the UK and, with our Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER), you will have access to additional internationally acclaimed resources and the opportunity to work with world-leading experts in the field of applied social research.