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All our students can learn languages in a number of ways, including as part of your degree, in evening classes or online at no extra cost, or via Essex Modern Language Certificates.

Why we're great

Our rankings speak for themselves. We are one of the top departments in the UK for research quality (REF 2014) and ranked among the top 50 departments on the planet according to the QS World University Rankings (2017).

We were one of Essex's founding departments and from the very start focused on how people thought about major social issues such as poverty, inequality, class, welfare and the 'third world'. Many prestigious researchers have worked in or been associated with our Department, leading the way for a new understanding of the social world.

What needs to change in society?

We're celebrating 50 years of confronting challenging questions and the way society works. In this video we asked students, staff and the community to consider one of society's most challenging questions.

Committed to you

Our students are at the heart of what we do. We have set up a number of initiatives to support you throughout your studies, from personal tutors and academic skills workshops to journals publishing your work. Our latest National Student Survey 2016 score of 98% is testimony to the dedication we have to you.

Our Student Resource Centre is unique to Essex and can help with any issues you may be having, both personal and academic, throughout your time at Essex.

Working with world leaders

We are at the cutting edge of knowledge about social change in the 21st century. Our researchers study a range of topics from equality, stratification, work and gender to newer concerns with globalisation, economic sociology, citizenship and human rights, the environment, culture, crime and sexuality. You develop new, imaginative approaches to sociology alongside world-leading researchers.

A national focus for social and economic research

Essex is the leading university in the UK for social science and the focal point for national funding for social and economic research. We have close links with our Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) and UK Data Archive, giving you access to the latest research materials, datasets, archives and resources.