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Celebrating Research Impact Awards

The Celebrating Research Impact Awards are designed to showcase the very best research impact that has been generated by the University’s academic community in all areas of research. We invite self-nominations from individuals, teams, or projects, and nominations of colleagues from Executive Deans, Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments, Directors of Research, and Directors of Impact.

Nominations deadline: Friday 23 March 2018 – 4pm

The assessment of nominations will take place in Spring 2018 in preparation for an annual Celebrating Research Impact event in Summer 2018. The Celebrating Research Impact event will include the second University Research Impact Annual Lecture. The awards and lecture signal the University’s commitment to world class research that makes a difference.

  • Guidance Notes

    PDF document
    Guidance Notes for Celebrating Research Impact Awards.
  • Nomination form

    Word document
    Nomination form to provide details of the award application.

Nominees must be University of Essex individual academic or research staff, research teams led by a University of Essex researcher, or University of Essex doctoral students. Nominees can be nominated by others, or self-nominate. Nominees do not require previous experience of generating research impact other than evidence of tangible impacts and benefits flowing from their work to external parties. We strongly encourage nominations for early-career and doctoral projects.

There are six categories of awards that will be made in 2018. The focus of research impact is broadly defined so as to include impacts pertaining to all non-academic fields. Winners will receive £1,000 towards their Research Incentive Account or as a PhD Bursary. The award categories are:

  • Best UK Public Policy Impact

    This award will recognise Essex research that has contributed to the development of UK public policy at the local, regional, or national government level. This could include direct changes in policy, changes to how decision-makers view issues and the development of more effective and efficient practice by professionals or the users of public services. Entries should be supported by evidence that the research has been taken up and used by policymakers and public service practitioners.

  • Best Local or Regional Research Impact

    This award will recognise the impact of University of Essex research within the East of England. Impact in this category could include: contribution to any individual, group, organisation, or community local to our campuses at Colchester, Southend, and Loughton; and contribution to any individual, group, organisation, or community within the East of England, as defined by the Office for National Statistics. Projects that have national or international impact as well as regional impact may be included, but will be judged on the distinctive contribution they make locally and within the East of England, including Essex and East Anglia, and also within Medway and Kent.

  • Best International Research Impact

    This award recognises impact at an international level across countries in business, policy or societal issues. Impact nominated for this category can be within a single country provided that country is not the UK, or can be in more than one country. Impact nominated for this category can include cases where impacts straddle the UK and other countries or impacts on the work of international agencies. The judges are particularly keen to encourage applications highlighting research impacts for developing and transitioning societies.

  • Best Research Impact in Enterprise and Innovation

    This category recognises a broad range of benefits to workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, businesses, and the economy. Projects nominated for this category could also include those that benefit social and community enterprises. Impact could also include benefit to a group of enterprises or a sector through innovation, change in practice or management structures, or utilisation of new skills and training. Impact in this category can be within any country or within multiple countries, and the businesses that benefit from the nominated project can be national or international.

  • Best Creative and Cultural Research Impact

    Projects nominated for this Award should use research to contribute to creative and cultural not-for-profit organisations, enterprises, and policy bodies, or to benefit society through culture and the arts. Impacts can include change to policy and practice of museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions, and impact in the creative economy. Impact in this category can be within any country or within multiple countries.

  • Best Research Impact Award by an Early Career Researcher or Doctoral Student.

    As with the other awards, the judges are seeking evidence for the development of knowledge and know-how that is of tangible value to non-academic partners in a variety of sectors. An ECR is defined as a member of academic staff or research support staff who submitted their doctorate no earlier than 1 April 2013. Three awards will be granted in this category (one for each academic Faculty).


For all queries contact Matt Bennett

Dr Matt Bennett

Research Impact Manager

Room 2.601, University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex, CO4 3SQ

Telephone 01206 874544