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The University of Essex Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts

Legal framework

Information relating to the legal and corporate status of the institution:

How the institution is organised

Information about the management structure of the institution, including a description of the Statutory Bodies and the organisational structure together with a description of the work of each unit and the names and responsibilities of key personnel.

It is also expected that terms of reference, membership and description of all boards and committees would be provided.

It should include faculty and department structures and identify senior personnel.

Location and contact details

If possible, named contacts should be given in addition to contact phone numbers and email addresses

Wholly Owned Companies

Lists of and information relating to organisations which the university has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it.

On the basis that most of these bodies will be responsible for their own affairs, it is expected that this information need be only sufficient for the purposes of identifying the relationship between these bodies (such as business, the professions and the community) and the university.


Student activities

Information relating to the operation and activities of the Student Union and other clubs, associations and non-academic activities that are organised for or by the students can also be included where this information is held by the University.