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The University of Essex Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit.

We would expect as a minimum that financial information for the current and previous two financial years should be available.

Funding / income

Information on the sources of funding and income, such as Funding Council grants, tuition fees, endowment, rents and investment income (including investment strategy).

Budgetary and account information

Annual Statement of Accounts and other information to allow the public to see where money is being spent, where it is or has been planned to spend it and the difference between one and another. We would expect revenue budgets and budgets for capital expenditure to be included.

Financial audit reports

Capital programme

Information on major plans for capital expenditure including any public private partnership contracts.

Capital expenditure plans

Financial regulations

Staff pay and grading structures

This may be provided as part of the organisational structure and should indicate, for most posts, levels of pay rather than individual salaries.

Register of suppliers

The University's list of contracted suppliers contains commercially sensitive information. If you would like more details about this document, please contact the Governance office.

Procurement and tender procedures and reports

Details of procedures used for the acquisition of goods and services. Contracts currently available for public tender and reports of successful tenders.

Reports of successful tenders are available in hard copy via the Estate Management Office

Research funding

Information about Government, Research Councils, European, international and industrial funding for research together with information about the management of research accounts.