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The University of Essex Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Our Policies and procedures

Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities.

We would expect information in this class to be current information only.

Policies and procedures for conducting university business

Codes of practice, memoranda of understanding, procedural rules, standing orders and similar information should be included. Procedures for handling requests for information should be included. In Wales it will include the Welsh Language Scheme in accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993 and in Northern Ireland the equality scheme/statement produced in accordance with section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Procedures and policies relating to academic services

Some of these policies may already be covered in class 2 'What our priorities are and how we are doing' in the context of external review and academic quality and standards. Additional policies under this heading may include such matters as policies and procedures relating to honorary degrees, procedures for changing course, regulations and policy on student assessment, appeal procedures and policy on breach of assessment regulations.

Procedures and policies relating to student services

This will include relevant policies and procedures as they apply, for example, to student admission and registration, accommodation, management of the student records system, the assessment of external qualifications, internal student complaints and appeals, and code of student discipline.

Student records

Procedures and policies relating to human resources

This will include the full range of human resources policies and procedures such as generic terms and conditions of employment, collective bargaining and consultation with trade unions, grievance, disciplinary, harassment and bullying, public interest disclosure, staff development (such as induction, probation, appraisal, promotions)

Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

If vacancies are advertised as part of recruitment policies, details of current vacancies will be readily available.

Code of Conduct for members of governing bodies

Equality and Diversity

This will also include policies, statements, procedures and guidelines relating to equal opportunities.

Health and Safety

Estate Management

This will include disposals policy, estates strategy and plan, facilities management policies, grounds and building maintenance.

Estates Strategy

Complaints policy

Complaints procedures will include those covering requests for information and operating the publication scheme.

Records management and personal data policies

This will include information security policies, records retention and archive policies, and data protection (including data sharing) policies.

Research policy and strategy

This will include quality assurance procedures, policy and procedures relating to intellectual property, ethics committee terms of reference, applications and their approval, and any other relevant codes of practice. This will include policy, strategy and procedures relating to knowledge transfer and enterprise.

Charging regimes and policies

Details of any statutory charging regimes should be provided. Charging policies should include charges made for information routinely published and clearly state what costs are to be recovered together with the basis on which they are made and how they are calculated.

We also aim to provide the first hard copy of all information detailed in the Scheme free of charge, although we do reserve the right to make an administrative charge if necessary. Requests for multiple hard copies will be charged for 'at cost'.

Please see our charging policy for more information.