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Help, FAQs, guidance and training

The Information Assurance Manager is always happy to offer advice and guidance on Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Environmental Information or records management. Each Section, Department, School and Centre also has its own member of the Records Management Network, who can offer advice and support.

These web pages are full of advice and guidance. This page draws together the main sources.

If you are unhappy with a response you’ve had from the University to a question you’ve asked under the Data Protection or Freedom of Information Acts then please contact us in the first place. Our Complaints Procedure explains your options.


Data Protection Act: good practice guidance

This guidance covers every day Data Protection problems that are likely to affect staff and students.

Managing Email: good practice note

A brief guide to understanding why we need to take care with e-mail and how to manage it.

Third Party Contact Guidance

Straight forward guidance on dealing with people who want to have personal information about other people. Includes examples from every day scenarios.

Managing information

A range of guidance and support to help you decide what information to keep, how to keep it safe, how to organise it properly, and how to store it forever or throw it away securely.


Tailored sessions

Made to measure sessions for groups large and small. This can be short or long, and address any aspects of data protection, freedom of information or records management. Contact the Information Assurance Manager to arrange a session.