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Some of our current students tell you about their experiences so far. You can also read our graduate profiles and see what our students have gone on to do after their time at Essex.

  • Le An Trong Dinh, BSc Psychology

    Le An Trong Dinh “The main reason I decided to study at Essex was the University's strong Research Assessment Exercise rating; psychology is a science, so a good research ranking was important to me. Furthermore, the University seemed modern and up-to-date (eg equipment and technical support) and, as an overseas student, it was very convenient to come to Essex, since Stansted is close and London about 45 minutes away.

    “I came from Norway to Essex with no connections or friends but the University offers great student accommodation which makes settling in easy, so you make friends in no time. I lived in one of the Towers with 13 others, so it was impossible not to become friends. In addition, being a campus-based university means Essex creates a great student atmosphere. There are many clubs and societies around campus, so you can find people with the same interests as you. All in all, student life is a great opportunity to socialise.

    “For me, it was also easy to settle in academically. Being from Norway, where English is a great part of our primary education, meant the language was not a barrier for me, however I know the University offers support for the students who may have problems.

    “The Department of Psychology is great. First of all, the academic staff are excellent and, whenever you have questions or need something clarified, lecturers are always there to help. The teaching itself is also very good, with aspects about the modules clearly outlined. On the technical side, my Department is well equipped and all psychology students have access to great lab facilities, with modern computers and a range of software.

    “I have also found the administrative staff in the Department to be lovely. Sometimes I feel that they take over from my mom, as they are always there to help and never without a smile. After three years, I genuinely feel that both the academic and administrative staff want us to do well. This level of support is just fantastic.

    “After graduation, my plan is to stay at Essex and proceed with my PhD Psychology. I found an interesting topic for my third-year project, which I hope to take further with postgraduate research. This is testament to all the positive aspects that I have outlined about the University of Essex, which have made me decide to stay here for at least another three years after my graduation.”

    Le An is now a PhD student in the department.

  • Monica Bernstein, BSc Psychology

    Monica Bernstein "I wanted to study at Essex because I knew the University had a strong focus on research, particularly cognitive and neuropsychology. I also liked the fact that the University was close to London and had a very diverse student body, with representatives from many different countries and cultures.

    I found settling into student life at Essex very straightforward. For example, when I first arrived at the University, coming from Norway, I was met by a student who took the time to show me my accommodation, get my keys, and gave me a quick tour of the campus.

    I was particularly impressed with the Department of Psychology, as staff were always available and very motivated to help students. I wanted extra experience in research, so was given two research projects to be involved in, which has led to me writing two articles. Alongside this, the practical and research-based coursework that I undertook was both challenging and interesting. I learned a lot, both from the intellectually stimulating conversations I had with my advisor and from team work activities with other students on my course.

    I am currently in the process of completing my Master degree in Chicago, in the USA. After that I am planning to return to Essex to undertake my PhD Psychology."

  • Espen Sjoberg, BSc Psychology

    “When I visited the Colchester Campus I loved the community atmosphere, and I was impressed by the Department of Psychology which was both welcoming and well equipped. The standard of research and the quality of the lecturing was also very high. Of the modules I studied, my favourite taught the evolution of animal behaviour; it was very fun but also immensely educating and it gave me a new perspective on humans and animals, and how we have evolved. After I graduated, I continued to study at Essex on the postgraduate course MSc Research Methods in Psychology.”