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Information for international students

Reasons to study Psychology at Essex

Studying Psychology at Essex will equip you with the necessary skills to pursue a career in a psychology-related profession. Most importantly, our courses are accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and you can gain professional status with them.

The University of Essex is a truly international institution with a long history of welcoming students from around the world. Currently, 38% of our students come from outside the UK which makes us one of the UK's most internationally diverse campus universities.

Our Psychology department has built a tradition of welcoming students from around the world. This is what they are saying about us:

"I chose Essex because it is a high ranking department. Also, it is close to London and to the airport straight home!"
Anne (now gaining clinical work experience at home in Norway)
"The University has so many sides I never knew a University could have. There's everything from post office, shops, night clubs, places to study, gym, lake..."
Katrine (now studying for a specialised MSc)
"Finding the balance between a supportive environment and the opportunities to develop independently has been crucial for my learning. In addition, the Department provides an opportunity to engage in research through the Research Experience Scheme, which has been of great importance to me."
Desire (now studying for a clinical psychology degree)

Talk to our existing students

We understand that studying abroad is a big decision to make. So, to help make up your mind we can put you in touch with students who are already studying with us.

Send your questions about studying at Essex to Emmi Russell ( and we'll make sure they're answered by a student who's already here. They'll give you a true picture of what being an Essex student means.

The pathway to clinical psychology

In the UK, like many countries, becoming a clinical psychologist requires postgraduate study and supervised clinical training. Our degrees are accredited by the British Psychological Society which means they are the first step to training as a clinical psychologist. They also provide essential knowledge for continuing onto a clinical pathway in other countries.

While the requirements for practicing outside the UK vary, there are a number of ways in which our students have gained equivalent status and experience, allowing them to become clinical psychologists elsewhere in the world. In order to gain equivalent experience, you could consider the following during your degree at Essex:

  • Taking a placement year during the degree which includes clinical training, in the UK or elsewhere
  • Choosing optional modules from the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, which can provide experience with counselling, patient interaction and professional practice
  • Choosing optional modules from the School of Health and Human Sciences, or continuing onto their Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. International students may apply for non-funded training places on the DClinPsy. A BPS accredited degree is an essential first step for this programme, making an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Essex an excellent choice.
  • Advanced study through our innovative MSc or Masters by dissertation courses, which will add to your knowledge of research methods and psychological science

Getting in touch with us

Our International Office team visits Norway and other countries several times a year, taking part in higher education events. In some instances, you will also have the chance to talk to a student or member of staff from Psychology. Please get in touch with us ( to find out when and where we'll be.

Students from Norway

We have a strong tradition of students from Norway thriving with degrees from the University of Essex Department of Psychology. We also work closely with educational representatives Across The Pond in Norway. They can help you with the application process and will also be able to answer general questions about studying in the UK. Across The Pond also feature examples from some of our former students.

Across The Pond

Studier i Storbritannia



Unlike in Norway, a BSc or BA Psychology from the UK takes 3 years and covers the “Basic courses” and “Research methods” required by the 5-6 year Norwegian curriculum. This includes studying applied psychology and completing a large independent project. Norwegian students can then gain additional training and experience through our Masters courses or the pathway to clinical psychology detailed above.

Entry requirements

You will need a score of 4.0 in the best 6 subjects if you are graduating high school in Norway (Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole), with a minimum Mathematics grade of 3.0 and an English grade of 4.0.

More information about our entry requirements can be found on Course Finder (on each course) and on our international students pages.

We accept a wide range of other qualifications. For applicants whose first language is not English, we require an IELTS 6.0 overall with minimum 5.5 in each component (or equivalent). We also welcome applications from mature students, students interested in direct entry to the second year and students wishing to defer entry.

To find out more about the application process please get in touch with one of our team members:


The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lanekassen) provides student loans and stipends for higher education.