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Dr Loes van Dam

Position in departmentLibrary Officer
Staff positionLecturer
Telephone01206 874723

Dr Loes van Dam obtained her MSc degree in Physics at Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2002) and continued to obtain her PhD there in the lab of Prof Erkelens (2006). After working at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany and Bielefeld University, Germany she joined the department in 2016.

Current research
  • perceptual ambiguity in vision (e.g. bistable perception)
  • the dynamics of sensory processing
  • the interaction between exploration and perception
  • the influence of task goals and task-switching in visuomotor behaviour
  • associative learning processes in visuomotor behaviour
  • Virtual Reality and the senses of presence, ownership and agency
Research interests

My main research areas are visual perception, visuomotor performance and multi-sensory perception and action. In other words, I am interested in how the human brain transforms the sensory information it receives into adequate perceptual interpretations and goal-oriented behavior. I use psychophysical and behavioral methods in addition to ideal-observer modelling to investigate these topics. I am currently also investigating the relationship between visuomotor performance and the sense of immersion in Virtual Reality.

Teaching responsibilities
  • PS414 / PS921 (Advanced) Seeing and Hearing
  • PS115 Statistics for Psychologists
  • PS940 Special Topics in Perception and Cognition
  • PS117 Introduction to Personal Development and Employability
  • PS417 Enhanced Employability and Career Planning
  • PS492 Enhanced Employability Skills and Career Progression
  • Proficio course "Matlab and Psychophysics Toolbox for Behavioural Scientists"
  • Student projects at undergraduate (PS300) and postgraduate (e.g. PS934) level.

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