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Book Chapters

van Dam, L.C.J., Parise, C.V. & Ernst, M.O. (2014). Modeling Multisensory Integration. In: “Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness”, Editors: Bennett, D. & Hill C., Cambridge, Ma, MIT Press, pages 209–229. 

Bennett, D.J., Trommershäuser, J., van Dam, L.C.J. (2014). Bayesian Modeling of Perceiving: A Guide to Basic Principles. In: “Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness”, Editors: Bennett, D. & Hill C., Cambridge, Ma, MIT Press, pages 3-13. 


Journal Articles

Glowania, C., van Dam, L.C.J., Brenner, E., & Plaisier, M.A. (2017). Smooth at one end and rough at the other: Influence of object texture on grasping behaviour, Experimental Brain Research, 235(9), 2821-2827.

van Dam, L.C.J., Plaisier, M.A., Glowania, C. & Ernst, M.O. (2016). Haptic adaptation to slant: No transfer between exploration modes, Scientific Reports, 6, Article number: 34412.

Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2016). Statistically optimal multisensory cue integration: a practical tutorial. Multisensory Research, 29(4-5): 279-317.

van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2015). Relative errors can cue absolute visuomotor mappings. Experimental Brain Research. 233(12): 3367–3377.

van Dam, L.C.J.& Ernst, M.O. (2015). Mapping shape to visuomotor mapping: learning and generalisation of sensorimotor behaviour based on contextual information. PLoS Computational Biology, 11(3): 123.

Plaisier, M.A., van Dam, L.C.J., Glowania, C. & Ernst, M.O. (2014). Exploration mode affects visuohaptic integration of surface orientation, Journal of Vision, 14(13:22): 1–12.

van Dam, L.C.J. (2014). Visual target distance, but not visual cursor path length produces shifts in motor behavior: a multisensory integration perspective, Frontiers in Psychology, 5, Article 650.

Wallraven, C., Bülthoff, H.H., Waterkamp S., van Dam, L. & Gaißert, N. (2014). The eyes grasp, the hands see: metric category knowledge transfers between vision and touch, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 21(4): 976–985.

Rohde, M., van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2014). Predictability is necessary for closed-loop visual feedback delay adaptation, Journal of Vision, 14 (3):4, 123.

van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2013). Knowing the error of our ways, but hardly correcting for it: An instance of optimal performance, PLoS ONE, 8(10): e78757.

van Dam, L.C.J., Hawellek, D.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2013). Switching between visuomotor mappings: learning absolute mappings or relative shifts, Journal of Vision, 13(2:26), 1–12.

van Dam, L.C.J. & Ernst, M.O. (2010). Pre-exposure disrupts learning of location contingent perceptual biases for ambiguous stimuli, Journal of Vision, 10(8:15), 1–17.

van Dam, L.C.J. & van Ee, R. (2006). Retinal image shifts, but not eye movements per se, cause alternations in awareness during binocular rivalry, Journal of Vision, 6(11), 1172–1179.

van Dam, L.C.J. & van Ee, R. (2006). The role of saccades in exerting voluntary control in perceptual and binocular rivalry, Vision Research, 46, 787–799.

van Dam, L.C.J. & van Ee, R. (2005). The role of (micro)saccades and blinks in perceptual bi-stability from slant rivalry, Vision Research, 45, 2417–2435.

van Ee, R., van Dam, L.C.J. & Brouwer, G.J. (2005). Voluntary perceptual control and the dynamics of perceptual bi-stability, Vision Research, 45, 41–55.

van Dam, L.C.J. & van Ee, R. (2004). Stereoscopic matching and the aperture problem, Perception, 33, 769–787.

van Ee, R. & van Dam, L.C.J. (2003). The influence of cyclovergence on unconstrained stereoscopic matching, Vision Research, 43, 307–319.

van Ee, R., van Dam, L.C.J. & Erkelens, C.J. (2002). Bi-stability in perceived slant when binocular disparity and monocular perspective specify different slants, Journal of Vision, 2, 597–607.


Books / PhD-Thesis

van Dam, L.C.J. (2006). Ambiguities in visual perception. The aperture problem and the role of eye movements in perceptual bistability. Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands. (ISBN: 978-90-393-4272-5)



van Dam, L.C.J. & Rohde, M. (2015). Maximum Likelihood Multisensory Integration Toolbox. MATLAB Central File Exchange, File ID: 50514


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