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Masters courses

We offer a variety of full-time taught Masters courses. You can also choose to undertake your MSc by dissertation with us.

Conversion courses

Our MSc Psychology is a conversion course, enabling students of other disciplines to study psychology and become eligible for membership of the British Psychological Society.

  • MSc Psychology

    Our MSc Psychology is a fast-track (one-year) conversion degree that makes you eligible for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) of the British Psychological Society. This course is ideal if you studied a different subject at undergraduate level and now wish to pursue psychology, or if you studied psychology but not on a BPS-accredited course. Registration with the BPS is a minimum requirement to pursue further training as a professional psychologist (e.g. Clinical, Occupational, Counselling, Forensic, Educational Psychologist).

    You may also take the course as an end in itself if you wish to obtain a Psychology Degree in one year. The course provides you with critical and detailed understanding of the core areas of psychology (developmental, cognitive, social, biological, personality) plus training in research methods and statistics.

    Following this course will normally qualify you to move on to our specialist Masters courses or to a Masters in Research Methods or by research (MSD).

    All elements are required and applicants with a non-science background should be aware of the requirement to pass statistics. You will also learn research methods to an extent that will enable you to devise, carry out, analyse and write up an empirical research project during the last part of the course.

    The course involves attendance at lectures, seminars and practical classes (approx. 12-16 hours per week during the autumn and spring terms), private study, and submission of coursework, coursework tests and examinations (you will be required to submit approximately 15 pieces of coursework during the year). Most taught modules will include joint lectures with Undergraduate Students with additional postgraduate level seminars. Your research project will be completed during the summer and submitted in mid-September.

Specialist Masters courses

Our specialist Masters courses are ideal if you want to extend the knowledge of psychology that you gained from your undergraduate degree, or if you wish to learn the advanced research skills required for further study, such as a PhD.

  • MSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology

    This course is ideal for graduates from psychology and related disciplines who want to extend their knowledge and training in brain and behaviour. The course will provide advanced training in cognitive neuroscience, a field of study in which researchers investigate the neural basis of mental processes. You will also cover neuropsychology, in which scientists learn about the mind and brain by looking at the deficits shown by those with brain damage.

  • MSc Research Methods in Psychology

    This course provides research training for students who intend to pursue a career as research psychologists, or who wish to take a research degree. You will extend your theoretical knowledge through advanced study, while developing a critical awareness of psychological science in relation to its philosophical and biological contexts, and in relation to research in the natural and social sciences. The knowledge and skills you acquire will prepare you for an academic career as well as a wide range of alternative careers. The course consists of seven taught modules of which four are compulsory and three optional (taken from a range of advance level modules). You will also take an advanced module in Research Methods and Statistics which will run throughout the year, and complete an empirical research project in the summer term.